Where to start with Health Choice AHCCCS AZ INSURANCE?

on 7/5/17 4:47 pm - Tucson, AZ

I am so lost multiple Drs have suggested that the best way to manage My PCOS symptoms, to have any chance of children I need weightloss surgery. The problem is none seem to know how to get the process rolling with Health Choice of Arizona... no surgeons are listed under covered providers, I call the 1800# and am given a name and number for a gasterenolgist that does not do it. I know it may be a 6-12 month process I just need a starting point.

on 1/19/18 11:23 pm

Did you ever get any answers? I am on AHCCCS but a different plan. My PCP referred me to Dr. Blackstone. I am going to a seminar next week. It took 2-3 months to get it scheduled.

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