60 lbs down from 90lb regain and looking for support

Robin D.
on 6/27/18 11:26 pm - Nor Cal, CA


I'm 90 lbs down from my highest (315) and 60 lbs down from my pregnancy regain of 90 lbs (280). I'm looking for support groups, advice, etc to help me lose the last 30 of my regain and another 20 to 40 beyond that. My body seems to be at a set point (220), and I'm fighting hard to get myself back into wonderland. I've got an instagram for support, but local support would be great. Also, if anyone who has also gone through this (actually losing the regain) and would like to give me some suggestions/advice as I continue my journey, I'd appreciate it.


My insta is robinsgettingfit, if you want to support me (and get support) there.

Feb 05 - 315 lbs surgery-- Feb 06 - 187 lbs--May 08 - 200 at son's birth --Aug 08- 235 (due 2 Fenugreek--given to increase breast milk & gained 35 lbs from it.) --  Oct 10 - 280 daughter born (due to bed rest, hospital visits,& gestational diabetes) -Feb 12 - 280 tackling regain--Mar 13 restart- 240 (using rules of the pouch & exercising 2-3xday




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