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Denise R Armstrong
on 7/24/18 4:06 pm - Sun City, AZ
Topic: RE: Arizona Support Groups

Hi Kristie, I would love to get a group started in the area. It seems support groups for those of us who are no longer in the newlywed phase don't have many options for support groups.

Since my Sundays are taken up, Saturdays would work well for me. I live in Sun City and still work 4 days a week in Surprise. If you like we can arrange to meet at your home or somewhere neutral for the 1st time. You can text me at 623 363 9382.

When did your Journey begin? When would you like to meet, if your still interested? I have fur babies and a Keurig as well - so I think we will get along just fine. Lol

Kristie B.
on 7/24/18 6:55 am - Surprise, AZ
Topic: RE: Arizona Support Groups

Sorry it's taking me so long to respond. Life got in the way of me trying to take back control of my journey. If you are still interested I would love to start a support group in our area. I'm available most Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings and have a pretty large kitchen table and an always ready to go keurig. That is if you don't mind my fur babies.


*17lbs lost preop
*120lbs lost postop


Robin D.
on 6/27/18 11:26 pm - Nor Cal, CA
Topic: 60 lbs down from 90lb regain and looking for support


I'm 90 lbs down from my highest (315) and 60 lbs down from my pregnancy regain of 90 lbs (280). I'm looking for support groups, advice, etc to help me lose the last 30 of my regain and another 20 to 40 beyond that. My body seems to be at a set point (220), and I'm fighting hard to get myself back into wonderland. I've got an instagram for support, but local support would be great. Also, if anyone who has also gone through this (actually losing the regain) and would like to give me some suggestions/advice as I continue my journey, I'd appreciate it.


My insta is robinsgettingfit, if you want to support me (and get support) there.

Feb 05 - 315 lbs surgery-- Feb 06 - 187 lbs--May 08 - 200 at son's birth --Aug 08- 235 (due 2 Fenugreek--given to increase breast milk & gained 35 lbs from it.) --  Oct 10 - 280 daughter born (due to bed rest, hospital visits,& gestational diabetes) -Feb 12 - 280 tackling regain--Mar 13 restart- 240 (using rules of the pouch & exercising 2-3xday




on 3/25/18 10:43 am
RNY on 02/14/18
Topic: RE: New to AZ

Hi jennifer - the Mayo has a support group that meets once a month -- it's open to the public. It's the 3rd saturday of the month, 9 to 11 in the hospital building (the room is just to the right of the lobby).

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Jennifer K.
on 2/25/18 6:02 am - Charlotte, NC
Topic: New to AZ
  • Morning all! I am new to the Scottsdale area and looking for support groups, to meet other people who had surgery and recommendations on plastic surgeons.

First visit to surgeon - 288 ~ bmi 45.1 
2 week pre-op 252 ~ bmi 39.5
Total lost - 143   Since surgery - 107! 
Goal weight - 155
Current weight - 145 ~ bmi 22.7
Holding steady at 145 since Feb 2008! 

Extended TT, lipo, fat injections - 11/2011

BA/BL/Arm Lift - 7/2014

Scar revision on arms - 3/2015

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on 1/19/18 11:23 pm
Topic: RE: Where to start with Health Choice AHCCCS AZ INSURANCE?

Did you ever get any answers? I am on AHCCCS but a different plan. My PCP referred me to Dr. Blackstone. I am going to a seminar next week. It took 2-3 months to get it scheduled.

on 7/5/17 4:47 pm - Tucson, AZ
Topic: Where to start with Health Choice AHCCCS AZ INSURANCE?

I am so lost multiple Drs have suggested that the best way to manage My PCOS symptoms, to have any chance of children I need weightloss surgery. The problem is none seem to know how to get the process rolling with Health Choice of Arizona... no surgeons are listed under covered providers, I call the 1800# and am given a name and number for a gasterenolgist that does not do it. I know it may be a 6-12 month process I just need a starting point.

on 6/13/17 3:22 pm - Fountain Hills, AZ
Topic: amount of protein i should be getting and protein drinks

Right now i am a little over 15 years out from my RNY surgery. I was down to 197 at my lowest but ended up putting it all back on and little extra. February 2016 I had a heart failure scare. A lot of it from the weight i had put on but mostly fluid that had built up in my system. since then i have been on a diuretic. At the time of my heart scare I know i was back up to 336 pounds. Since then i am back down to 243 pounds (as of this morning). Ive been feeling fine but havent been able to start a exercise program again like i want to because of health issues ive had with my feet. But i think I am closer now to getting back into a gym and wanting to lift weights again.

With this being said - how many grams of protein should i be getting in daily(regardless if im lifting weights or not)? I was reading an article that recommended men getting in 56 grams of protein daily for optimum weight loss. -shakes-for-diabetics/

I thought we were suppose to shoot for between 80 - 100 grams of protein for men? Is there a better protein drink to take? I was thinking about using and had previously used optimum nutrition whey proteins previously and liked them but read a subsequent article that was pretty much making a blanket statement that all protein drinks were not good and filled with sugars and cancer causing chemicals (i realize this was probably a BS story but still wanted to ask).


Kathy S.
on 6/13/17 7:46 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
erica G.
on 5/24/17 6:32 pm
Topic: RE: Revision ?


was your revision approved through insurance? Was it hard to get approved for your revision? Thank you