post op

on 2/16/17 10:27 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

Hey there! Just wondering if anyone else is around who had surgery recently... it would be great to connect with someone that is new to being sleeved (or pouched) like me!

on 2/17/17 3:14 pm

Did you end up with the bypass? I have a few questions if that's ok?

How lo ng was your surgery and how long were you. In the hospital?

Glad everything is going well for you! 

on 2/18/17 10:21 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

I had the sleeve gastrectomy to avoid the long term implications of gastric bypass, like nutritional deficiencies, dumping, hypoglycemia and more.

I had my surgery at 1230 pm and was discharged the following day at 330 pm. I could hardly sleep in the hospital; my room companions were loud and I'm not used to that.

They managed my pain really well and I was up and walking. So far so good at home. Just a few little things have come up and Raj is really quick to respond.

If you have any more questions let me know, I'm happy to answer :)


on 2/18/17 3:55 pm

I had mine on feb 09 as well. I am down 12lbs 

on 2/18/17 10:22 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

Did you have Dr. Sampath as well? I heard he was doing three that day, and I was number 2 at 12:30 pm?

Did you go home the next day? How have you been doing with pain and fluids?

Bypass or Sleeve?

Oh, and thank you for the reply! I was hoping to connect with someone going through the same things as me.

on 2/19/17 10:09 am

Dr. Sampath did mine as well and I was number 1 6:30 in the morning.  I had sleeve, doing very well no pain went home the next day and after Saturday I was fine going for long walks but liquid diet is getting hard to stay on now other then that every thing is good how about you how are you feeling 

on 2/19/17 1:14 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

I'm finding it okay with the liquid diet... next Friday we can have cottage cheese, oatmeal/cream of wheat and v8 juice! Yeah!

I'm still in a bit of pain which I wasn't expecting at all. I heard a lot of stories that no pain.. but it seems endless with me. I manage to get through it without taking medications.

I went out yesterday to the library and to get groceries (with someone and didn't carry any). It was a tough day, I was wiped after just a few hours out.

I'm doing 10,000 steps a day already!

on 2/19/17 11:01 pm

How about weight loss ? how much have you lost so far!

on 2/20/17 12:04 am
VSG on 02/09/17

About 15 lbs!

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on 3/9/17 10:18 pm
On February 20, 2017 at 8:04 AM Pacific Time, jillydopop wrote:

About 15 lbs!

You are a month out are you doing, feeling?