Your journey. Pre-op until today.

on 2/23/17 10:35 pm

I am still so far out from surgery, it hasn't even been a year since I was referred. I am hoping that anyone who has the time can tell me what their preop Experience from orientation until today post surgery has been like. I'm hoping for details like how long that span of time was, who your surgeon was, how your preop diet was, struggles, surgery day what it was like, being released, first follow up etc. Advice, regrets, things you might change now, and so on. Anyone who is willing To share it would be so appreciated!

on 2/24/17 12:47 am
VSG on 02/09/17

I was referred in December 2014 and got my first call in August 2016. At that time it was suggested that I do several things. To purchase the book weight loss surgery for dummies and to also start logging my food intake on myfitnesspal or in some other type of journal. That went for my physical activities as well. She explained that I needed to start separating my food and drink by 30 minutes, meaning you stop drinking beverages 30 minutes before eating and wait 30 minutes after eating. This habit will be critical after surgery. I wasted no time getting these steps into place.

I also researched. I wanted to know everything and anything about the surgery that I was going to undergo. I created bookmarks to websites and a board on my Pinterest with recipes and tips.

In December 2016 I received a call that they had space for me at orientation on the 7th. I went and joined several others in orientation that day. You watch a PowerPoint presentation that is presented by the nurse for the program, Raj (she is fabulous!) and we also got weighed and had our height measured. We filled out all kinds of paperwork including consents and surveys and other things. The paperwork takes a good hour so when you are called in for orientation I would suggest that you arrive early. After the presentation they inform all participants that they can either opt in, opt out or take two weeks to decide whether they are wanting to opt in.

I had prepared a list of questions that I asked and were answered during this presentation time. Afterwards we met briefly with the program coordinator who gave us our first bloodwork requisitions and would be in touch regarding our first appointments with other disciplines.

Afterwards we were interviewed about our health history by the program nurse (Raj) and then we were done. It was about 4 hours that day.

I went and had my bloodwork done right away (you'll need to fast) so it can't be same day. I received an email shortly thereafter indicating that I would have my first appointment with the nutritionist on December 16. When you meet with the nutritionist you have to bring your food logs. I brought in all my logs that I had saved/printed. It was at that appointment that my bloodwork was reviewed and some deficiencies were pointed out, that I would have to take additional Vit D and Iron. Some suggestions were made to me primarily: meal planning, scheduling time for shopping and food prep, increasing my fiber intake through adding more veggies into my lunch and dinner.. that kind of stuff. Basically they are looking to see that you pair protein with something for every meal or snack and you should be having 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day.

I received an email after that stating that I had an appointment on Jan 2 to have a bone density exam, and on January 5th to meet with my surgeon (Sharadh Sampath). The bone density exam is just laying on the machine while it takes pictures of you (if you fit in). The meeting with the surgeon was a bit confusing, I met with Dr. Yorke who is new there. She wanted to schedule me immediately for surgery on January 18th and I hesitantly agreed. They scheduled me for my endoscopy on January 10th. When I left there offices I phoned Raj right away and she said I should not have been scheduled as I had not yet been cleared for surgery. There was some confusion as when I showed up for the appointment on January 10th for my endoscopy, it had been cancelled which I was unaware of. They called later that day and scheduled me in for the following week on January 17th.

That was when I first met Dr. Sampath, on the 17th immediately prior to my endoscopy. I was really nervous. I've never had a procedure like that before. Basically they take you in and ask if you want to be sedated and if you do (which I suggest you do) they will install an IV. You are wheeled into the room and before you know it you are done. I didn't notice or feel a thing.

It's really late and I'm really tired. I can write tomorrow more about my experiences. Hope this helps.

The important thing to remember in my situation - is that things went fast because I did a lot of the work for lifestyle and food changes ahead of time, before orientation even.