Wait list info, anyone know?

on 7/17/17 11:00 am

I swear I contact richmond every 6 weeks but I am wondering if anyone has contacted them recently and found out which referrals they are currently contacting? The last I asked in May I believe they were still contacting "early 2015"

on 7/20/17 11:10 pm

I was referred May 2015 and contacted may 2017 almost to the day .

It's two years to get an answer then they said up to two years pre surgery qualification process. Then you're officially on the wait list.

They indicated 1-2 years after that for surgery.

Some posters here have had to wait about 4 years from referral to surgery.

Best of luck hang in there!!!

on 1/30/18 11:26 pm

I was referred aprox 3 years before I got my consultation. It's been 6 months of seeing the dietitian and doing all of my tests (liver scan) (blood work) and I now get to see the surgeon in Feb! We will just have to see what he says now!

on 2/9/18 5:14 pm

Surgery date is booked 1 month 6 days after my surgeon consult after you see the surgeon things really pick up !!!

on 2/17/18 10:21 pm

How long was the wait between the orientation with the nurse and the actual apt with the surgeon? Ahhh so impatient, but all worth it! Congrats on gettin urs soon

on 2/19/18 10:53 am

Everyone is different but it was 6 months from orientation to surgeon. And about 1 month booked from surgeon visit to surgery. I am currently 3 weeks out from surgery!