Anyone gone to Mexico?

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Hi there,

I am really interested in bariatric surgery (specifically VSG) and I would love to speak to someone who has gone to Mexico. I don't have a family doctor so I'm concerned about finding one that would support me, especially with post-op care. I'd also love to hear about people's general experiences with Mexico, good or bad.

Has anyone had the surgery in Mexico? What about finding a doctor at home that supported you?

Kathy S.
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Hello jlchubs,

This forum is not very active and I am afraid you won't get the information and support you are looking for. Try posting this on the Mexico Forum.

Here are some surgeons and pricing from MX avatar

Antonio Esquerra

Mexicali Bariatric Center
Phone: 888-344-3916

Sleeve and Resleeve $7,950
RNY $10,000


Guillermo Alvarez

Endobariatric Bariatric Center
Piedras Negras
Phone: 866-697-5338

VSG $,8900 includes all but your airfare into San Antonio Texas
Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Ortega

Tijuana (also in...)
Phone: (866) 477 2298

Tijuana VSG $4,900
Pto. Vallarta VSG $5,800
Guadalajara HRSJ VSG $6,200
Guadalajara CHG VSG $4,700


Jesus Elias Ortiz

A Lighter Me
Phone: 877-765-8446

VSG From $4,300

I will follow up in a week and see if any of these are of interest to you and would be glad to help with the next step.


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