Where can I get optifast in the central Island?

on 1/17/18 6:22 pm - Parksville BC, Canada
VSG on 09/17/18

Is there anywhere around Nanaimo to get Optifast? I dont feel like a 4 to 5 hr drive to pick it up

on 1/21/18 12:52 pm

Was it not ordered for you by your doctor? When I was attempting a very low calorie diet with liquid meal replacements, my doctor ordered Optifast by the case for me, and it would have been delivered to my door except that the delivery people here are [fill in the blank] and I had to pick it up at the depot. But at least it was delivered to a place close to me.

And if that isn't possible, could you get an alternative like Premier Protein? It is FAR more palatable than Optifast, in my opinion, anyway.

Hope this helps.


on 3/26/18 12:17 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

Premier Protein IS far more palatable.