Is anyone suffering from heartburn?

on 1/29/18 5:06 am - Powell River , BC
RNY on 11/09/17

Hi all! I am wondering if anyone is suffering from heartburn. I woke up with it from surgery and it hasn't gone away. I am on meds 2x day for it, but I still suffer. Any suggestions?

on 3/26/18 12:15 pm
VSG on 02/09/17

I have suffered since my surgery as well. I only take meds 1x a day but I do take OTC meds at night and occasionally wake up from it. My surgeon (dr sampath) said to eat/drink nothing after 8 pm, sleep on a wedge that elevates my upper body and eat to reflux lists. So like bananas are good for reflux, tomato based things and citrus and coffee and chocolate are not.