Dr zenter/ Vancouver office

on 4/16/19 8:54 am

Thanks for the advice about the post bariatric group. It does seem unfair that there are two systems for referrals, with such different wait times. It's not an even playing field for those who don't know about mwm or who live outside of the Lower Mainland.

on 4/16/19 10:45 am

Indeed, it does seem unfair. And undoubtedly that's why the time on the wait list has jumped so much for Richmond -- people are slotted in ahead of the line. And if I have things figured out more or less correctly, the lengthening of the wait list occurred around the time Medweight got going (it's a relatively new program).

It does make some sense in that candidates for the surgery who have attended Medweight are very well prepared, and I imagine Richmond really likes that. As for me, I feel vindicated, as Dr. Zentner neglected to send in my referral to Richmond and then wouldn't rectify the situation for me. I also might add that I travel quite a distance to get to Coquitlam; it's a whole day for me to attend the 90-minute group medical visits, so I feel I deserve to jump the line!

In the meantime the wait list for Victoria is much shorter than it used to be, so there's still that option for those who live on the Island or are willing to travel -- and MSP does pay for the ferries. Also, Dr Pewarchuk, who now heads the program there, is very cool. He is also exploring options for working with patients through online technology. I think there's great promise there, although people obviously would still have to travel to Victoria for the surgery itself.

on 12/27/18 8:39 pm

Maybe things have changed a bit. She gets 100 surgeries a year through Richmond. She picks who gets them. She does before and after follow ups and no Garrett wellness. I also had the option to go to a surgeon in Burnaby, she doesn't have as many spots there. She put me on saxenda, gave me enough freebies for 6 months and said she would give me more when those ran out. I ended up being allergic to it so have a ton in my fridge just sitting there.

on 4/15/19 1:05 pm

No "maybe" -- things have definitely changed. As of about a year ago, she is no longer with the Victoria program, instead running her own Revolution Medical Clinic.

You have confirmed what I had guessed -- that she has a similar arrangement with Richmond as Dr. Lyon has. Interesting that she's also referring to Burnaby; I had noticed there was a doctor (or doctors?) there listed on the provincial wait list website but couldn't find anything about a program. I guess Zentner's is it.

Too bad you're allergic to Saxenda (aka Victoza or liraglutide), but at least you don't have to deal with the fact that your free supply will run out. I hope you can pass on your free samples to somebody who can't afford to pay for it.