Ali Zentner / Fraser Health Authority

on 12/25/18 1:30 am

Okay, I found this:

"In 2015, Ali became the Medical Director of the Vancouver Island Bariatric Program and built the program into a multidisciplinary bariatric program which now supervises the bariatric surgeries of over 200 patients annually. After three years as director she moved on to establish a similar bariatric program within Fraser Health region."

Ali Zentner -- Revolution Medical Clinic

Seems, though, that the Fraser Health program is a deep, dark secret... If anybody reading this is interested, it might be worth a call to her office if you want a shorter wait until surgery. As for me, I'll wait.

on 2/11/19 11:03 am - New Westminster, BC, Canada

This is great - thanks!

Is this a private clinic?

The resources are awesome! I e-mailed the Richmond Hospital for the pre-surgery information, and they never did get back to me. Any information prior to surgery (even if years away) is helpful to have.

on 2/11/19 5:20 pm

Hi meontheweb,

Can't tell you anything about what Ali Zentner's up to because I haven't seen her in about a year and have no plans to return to her.

I can say that the Medical Weight Management program (Dr. Michael Lyon) in Coquitlam is excellent. If you choose to enter their bariatric stream, they really focus on preparing you for the surgery. I've also learned that if they preapprove you, your surgery at Richmond is expedited.

I'm guessing from another comment on this board that Ali Zentner has the same arrangement with Richmond, but that's only conjecture on my part.

There are still only two places in BC where you can have the surgery -- Victoria and Richmond.

BTW, check out Dr. Matthew Weiner on YouTube -- excellent information!