6 month picture posted

Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 4:52 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
So I finally took a recent picture of me. 6 months and counting every single lost pound at this point. Been pretty slow moving the past few weeks. My son took the picture last night on my camera phone so the quality isn't that great.  It's on my profile. I would put on here, but I just don't know how to do that. I am not that technically stable if you know what i mean. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!!! Hugs to all
Jaime C.


Bren & George
on 2/13/08 5:07 am - Sunland, CA
You look great! Brenda

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Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 5:52 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
Thank you Brenda
Jaime C.


Jean L.
on 2/13/08 5:09 am - Seal Beach, CA
RNY on 08/20/07 with

wow Jaime - you look awesome - keep up the great work.

Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 5:51 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
Thank you Jean. Isn't this fun??? You are doing great yourself. Hugs, Jaime
Jaime C.


on 2/13/08 5:16 am - Huntington Beach, CA
RNY on 11/05/07 with
Jaime you look amazing!! keep up the great work.

 Live everyday like there is no tomorrow!!


Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 5:53 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
Willa, Thank you so much. I have been meaning to tell you how beautiful you look in your dress. I am so happy for you girl!  Hugs, Jaime
Jaime C.


on 2/13/08 5:57 am - Vallejo, CA
Looking good lady! Congratulations on all your success!!!

Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 6:22 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
Thanks Shells.
Jaime C.


De Anna
on 2/13/08 12:18 pm - Monterey, CA


It's official.  You are skinny!  I had never looked at your pre-op pictures before, I couldn't believe the difference!  You look amazing, you should be so proud!  I'm a little bit jealous and a lot inspired!


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