Do you take lemon with your Tea or Water?

SueBee Honey
on 2/13/08 5:28 am - High Desert, CA
I will not anymore after seeing this

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Jaime C.
on 2/13/08 5:46 am - Pacific Grove, CA
RNY on 08/03/07 with
Thanks for sharing. That is nasty but I am sure if they took lettuce or anything that is handled by other people and did cultures on them they would show the same type of bacteria showing up. It's because people are stupid and careless and don't wash their hands!!!  Think how nasty door handles or an esculator handle is. I think this is just one study they are showing and they happened to culture lemons since lemons are handled by people and people have all kinds of nasty germs on their hands. The same type of bacteria is everywhere since people don't realize the importance of washing hands.  That is the mode of transmission for germs. Okay, I love this type of stuff since I work in Infection Control. I have been showing everyone this video. Thanks Sue... Oh and everyone, please wash your hands!!! LOL  
Jaime C.


MaryLouise F.
on 2/13/08 7:48 am - CA

EWWW.. that is pretty gross..

I worked in the food service business for 15 years and if you really stoped to think about all the germs you can pick up through out resturants and fast food places you would probably never eat away from home again!!   I'm with ya.. please please.. wash your hands!!



Gus H.
on 2/13/08 7:53 am - La Puente, CA

Holy smacks....and if you think about it, the server will grab the lemon with their hands!

Diane C.
on 2/13/08 10:47 am - Highland, CA
Ok from now on, I am going to bring my own lemon stuff from a packet.  Gross me out! Love U, Diane
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