on 6/20/11 1:14 am - Yucaipa, CA

Ok, need a little advice....my surgery is a little over 2 weeks away and my question is.....my paperwork from the surgery says in big red letters that weight gain will cancel ur surgery. Well, i go up and down between 5 lbs! I have Dr. Tanaka (Scripps in san diego) Has anyone had him as their surgeon? And will they really cancel it over 5 lbs? I am worried that my scale is like way off and it will be more when i get there.....my clothes fit the same and i dont think i have gain a tremendous amount...just worried that they will cancel it. I am doing everything i am supposed to :( 

Living Life
on 6/20/11 1:30 pm - Riverside, CA
Do NOT stress over this, just keep a close eye on everything you eat and do not over eat right now. Yes!! all doctor have canceled for weight gain. So be careful. Be Watchful and Drink your water, before you eat,

But DO NOT STESS!!!! You know what stess does? You eat!

Good Luck

Kim K.
on 6/20/11 11:42 pm

Morning, I had the very same fear, almost 4 years ago, and I also had Dr T...he's a terrific surgeon. I tried to get below the goal they set for me by at least 5 pounds. The best part about having Dr T as my surgeon was that he uses (hopefully still does) the OnQ implant..at some point during the surgery, he puts this thing right next to the surgery site and it delivers pain meds directly to the site, as opposed to the pain pump which delivers to the entire body. I hit the pain pump once just out of curiosity and never had to again. The nurses at Scripps Memorial are great, they will badger you (in a good way) to be doing the breathing treatments, getting up and walking and doing the OT/PT classes.  Take your walks up on the roof, much nicer than walking the floor, pretty views to look at, plenty of places to sit if you get tired, and the air is better.. : ) Bring chapstick and a pillow from home to use while you're in the hospital, good hospital, HARD pillows..lol You will also want to use the pillow as a buffer between you and the seat belt as the tummy will be tender..

God bless you and you couldn't be in better hands..Dr T is the BEST!  




"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" 

Jim Elliot


on 6/21/11 12:54 am - Yucaipa, CA

Thank u soooo much for all the advice :) I have heard that Dr. T is a great doctor...i was a little worried cuz he wasnt very friendly at my consulation....but i would rahter have a GREAT doctor! I am sooo excited but very nervous also (not from having surgery  but the after surgery work) but i know i can do it and WILL do it

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