What did you eat today?

on 9/23/11 3:57 pm - Pasadena, CA
Breakfast:   1 hard boiled egg and a huge cup of coffee.

A.M. Snack:  1 skinny sandwich, a huge cup of coffee.

Lunch:            2 boiled eggs and a piece of Monterrey Jack cheese

P.M. Snack:   2 fruit cups and a string cheese a diet Seven Up

Dinner:           1 glass of watered down 100% Cranberry juice
                         A chicken thigh.

Well that's all I ate today, no additional protein, no vitamins and not enough water.  How was your day?



Marcia B.
on 9/23/11 11:11 pm - CA
B:  Strawberry Banana Protein Shake
S:  GNC Protein Bar
L:  Southwestern-Style White Chicken Chili - 1 cup
S:  Healthwise Protein Bar
D:  3 Prawns, 2 Asparagus Tips, 1 crab stuffed mushroom and1 bite of brownie (dinner out with friends)

Vitamins - all in
Water - 64 oz.
Exercise - 5-6 days a week so Yep
Philippians 4:13 -  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Samantha L.
on 9/26/11 4:36 pm - Petaluma, CA
I SUCKED today. 

B: Nothing.  Well, coffee. 
L: A couple bites of a pizza and a few bites of salad.
D: Baked chicken breast (which I OVER ATE because I felt like I had to make up for my crappy food choices earlier and I felt like a poo afterward)

I have been having issues eating enough.. calorie count is usually around 500.  I'm working on it, though.  =] 


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