support group meeting in San Jose coming up!

on 6/16/12 1:39 am, edited 6/16/12 6:40 am - bay area, CA
We will have our monthly support group meeting in San Jose this Wednesday, June 20, from 6-8 pm in the Theater Building of Hoover Middle School, 1635 Park Ave. New people are always welcome, and your support person is welcome as well.
      Most of the group has either had the duodenal switch (DS) or is working towards it, but people interested in other wls types, or people who had not made a decision and want to learn more about all their options, are always welcome. There is no fee and no committment. It's a great way to learn more about your options in a friendly, informal atmosphere.
     Interested but don't think your insurance will cover the DS? We discuss insurance issues and how to appeal denials all the time. 

Come join us!


edited because I forget to say that if anyone has any questions or would like more information either about the meeting or about the DS, just send me a pm.
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