10 Year Anniversary

on 2/4/14 2:37 am - Pasadena, CA

Hi, my 10 year anniversary is fast approaching.  I lost so much weight only to regain 110 pounds back.  Now, I am once again working my pouch to lose some of that weight.  I am currently 265 and would like to be at 180 wich is my ideal weight.  I think that I became way too skinny and people thought that I was sick.  However, I do need to lose this weight, I am having gastric reflux, sleep apnea is back, as well as, aches and pains in my body resulting from the excess weight.  WLS is a lifelong commitment that, if you stray, you'll pay dearly with excess weight.  Here I am again, making my pouch work for me and trying to lose most of the gain weight again.  Good luck to me!!!


on 2/4/14 11:52 pm - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
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Rock em Sock em baby!  You can DO IT!



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G. Daddy
on 2/11/14 5:43 am - San Gabriel, CA

I'm in the same boat on the anniversary quickly approaching! Almost Ten years later I'm still at my goal weight of 150! Ok.. well, plus my rebound weight... LOL.. so I'm looking to loose some again too! Ultimately about 50lbs would be good to get back off - I look back at pictures and get sad! LOL

Glad you are healthy and doing well!


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on 2/13/14 3:00 am


I am schedule to have the gastric sleeve.  I have been reading various blogs and speaking to other people who have had WLS.  All say they do not have any regrets. Also during some of my pre-op classes, I met other WLS candidates who are excited about their proceedure.  I, on the other hand, am apprehensive, and even a little scared. I am worried about the after math of the surgey; how will my body adjust. How long does it take to begin loosing weight.  I prefer to gradually loose.  Does recovery time vary per person? Can veggie protein be a useful substitute for those of use who don't eat meat? I would appreciate any feed back.


on 2/13/14 12:54 pm

I'm in the same boat...over 7 years out.  Have gained 40 pounds.  You can look at my profile pictures.  I have one from every year except year 6...OH couldn't take it for some reason.  I cheat so much...Even started to go by Costco for samples again!!  The one thing I try to do is exercise.  I try and ride my bike a lot...Force myself to burn energy since I cheat so much.  I run my errands on my bike.  Carb=The enemy!!  Brian  PS  I Remember you from the boards here years ago...

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