Follow-up on the Class Action Skin Removal Suit

on 7/21/15 8:22 pm - Sunny Southern, CA

Judges ruling:

California judge rules that insurer at center of class action over skin removal surgeries must broaden coverage

Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Recipes & Rambling

on 7/27/15 6:13 pm

I am so glad to hear this! I could use this a lot. I am Kaiser post op WLS with over 170+ loss in extra weight. I got so much skin, even though a lot has retracted but it is still bad. Does anyone know when this will be in affect? And.... what could or would be the co-pay? If I go out of pocket now, it could cost me $50K or more for what I truly need.


Janine Greenwood
on 8/27/15 11:42 pm - Long Beach, CA

I appealed Kaiser 3x's even went to court. I moved out of Kaiser regions during the appeals. I was denied by that ruling as well Kaiser saying it's not medically necessary. I went from Hawaii Kaiser, Northern California Kaiser, to Southern California Kaiser. Even though it's all Kaiser it's all different. I have now undergone 2 surgeries SELF PAY (Dr. Agha) (thanks to my fiancé paying)  I have a lot more work I need to make this journey complete but it's all a financial thing. I know what I have been through and waiting 12 years. Loosing 200+ pounds in 17mo. believe me I had excess skin that Needed to be removed and was medically necessary. I hope in the near future this will all be covered for weight loss patients. 

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