Desperatly need help from a fellow DS'er in Glenadal area Please

on 9/3/16 4:17 am
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I am from MI and staring coming to see Dr K a few years back as I was having issues with my revision that I had done in GR.  Someone on here got min in touch, he was able to "fix me
".  I did get a hold of him, he did fix my problem and since then I only come to Dr. K when I have any issues in that area


So fast forward to now. I have two hernias I need repaired so I am in Glendale as I type to have these fixed.  Plans were, My son and fly out 2 days prior to surgery date(Aug 26th) to see Dr K and do all the in office work.  We have return flights for Feb 2(yesterday). This should be ample time to have surgery and get home. Surgery was supposed to be 2-3 stay in the hospital. Well I am still here, still in the hospital and awaiting a third surgery tomorrow. As you can tell things have not gone as planned. 


A week later and I am still in the hospital, awaiting a third tomorrow as I have a bowel obstruction and can't keep anything down orally.  Well had to send my son home as he needs to start school, my older son backed out a the last minute. I have no one right now to check me out of the hospital.  As most of you know they will not cancel reservations with out fees. So now I am out $400 for my ticket that I had to cancel, $600 for 4 nights on the ocean I was taking my son too and have to be paid for upfront. Also now have to buy me a ticket home and try to find someone I can fly out here to sign me out of the hospital so another $800 there.  Plus I have a few nights in a hotel out here before he will let m leave.  This whole thing has been a nightmare, health wise and financially wise.  I am praying someone on here may live close enough to the Verdudo HIlls hospital and would be willing to just come pretend I was leaving with them but my car is in the parking lot and we could switch cars at that point. I would of course be willing to pay someone something for doing this for me. I am anticipating if things go well to be out of the hospital by Sun or Mon.  Please, Please, Please someone have some compassion and help me out here. I am out about $2000 extra than what I planned and not sure how I will pay my bills now. 


I have surgery this morning at 8 am, but will not be out for a few days. So if you are able/willing please text message me a 231-750-4353. I used to know a few people on her that lived in Calif but not sure who they were now. They even came to see me at the hospital. Hoping these two ladys may see this. Thanks so much for even reading and considering this.



Lori Willis


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