New to this forum. Question about UCLA or Cedars-Sinai.

on 6/18/19 6:35 pm

Hello. I am Stephanie. It has been suggested that I look into having a revision from my gastric sleeve to a bypass. I have severe acid reflux I have suffered with for 6 years. My insurance doesn't cover any doctors in my town. So they keep referring me to Los Angeles. It is about 2 hours from me. My primary doctor is concerned about Barrett's esophagus, due to the acid and needs me to see a bariatric surgeon for this. Since this is a California forum, I figured I may get more answers here than on the revision forum. Anyways,

My question is regarding if any have went to or had your surgery with any of the doctors from UCLA weight loss center? Dr. Dutson and Dr. Chen are 2 on my plan. How was your experience? Anything you can tell me is helpful.

Then another option is Cedars-Sinai weight loss center. There I have Dr. Cunneen and Dr. Burch under my plan. If you have visited or had your surgery here, how was your experience? Again anything is helpful!

I appreciate the feedback. I need to choose someone quick per my primary doc.

Thank you for your help.


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