on 7/25/14 10:58 am - sterling, CO

Hi all


Has anyone here had there surgery ( Lap-band ) with Dr. Johnell at Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Co?

I have insurance with Banner health and he is no longer associated with them. So now I am looking for a Dr that does fills and takes that type of insurance.

If you have the same insurance or have the same issue please e-mail me :  [email protected]






Start weight:339 Lbs   (Sept 07, 05)
Band date/weight= Dec 13, 05/ 320 lbs
Lowest weight after surgery:  Apil-14-06-261.2 lbs


Jackie G.
on 8/6/14 3:05 am

Hi Joe,

I also had Dr. Johnell as my surgeon.  I have an appointment this month with Dr. Snyder, who is located in Denver by Rose Hospital.  He takes my insurance and they don't have a fee to become a patient.  There is also a Dr. Georgesku in Thornton who takes United Healthcare, but they have a hundred dollar fee to become part of their program.

Hope this helps.  You can email me directly at [email protected] if you have any further questions that I might be able to help with.


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