Thoughts on Dr. Long in Parker?

on 6/10/16 11:57 pm - Pueblo, Co

The closest surgeon to me is Dr Long in Parker, with The Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Colorado. I did the online seminar and it feels like a good choice for me. I have my first appointment to meet with the surgeon, dietitian, and counselor on July 21st. I'm excited! In the meantime though I'd love to hear from others on their opinions of Dr Long. Has anyone here used him?

on 6/15/16 6:18 am - Loveland, CO

Hi, I am not familiar with Dr. Long, as I am in Loveland, but when I checked him out, he sounds like a great doc and they have a great program in place. Good luck on your journey! I am almost 10 years out and I have no regrets! 

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