In Northglenn, looking for a support group...

Nova B.
on 2/13/17 2:48 pm - Northglenn, CO
RNY on 04/15/14 with

I'm almost 3 years post RNY and have been in CO for 2 years.  I would love to find a support group or maybe start one?  

I see there were some groups locally in the past, but none seem to be active any longer.  

Anyone interested?


HW: 293  Pre Liquid Diet Weight: 288  SW: 270  CW: 190.5


on 8/17/17 9:03 am

MedFit in Stapleton created a support group on facebook if that helps.

sheri S.
on 2/25/18 7:02 pm
WLS on 01/24/18

Congratulations on 3 years. The hospital where I did my WLS has monthly support group meetings so maybe check your local hospitals that do weight loss surgeries.

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