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on 12/18/12 9:34 pm - Brookfield, CT

So I saw the surgeon yesterday and it does not appear that my pouch has enlarged at all (RNY 6/2003) but I have had a 100 pound weight gain. Needless to say I am deflated (i wish) any suggestions on how to re-start? Any good diet tips? ANything would help at this point

on 12/30/12 2:39 am - East Haven, CT


Please don't be discouraged.  Remember, you were given a tool, you just have to be retrained on how to use it.  I started climbing back up 2 yrs ago, and put the brakes on.  I removed ALL bread, crackers, rice, sugar, and all carb type food and did a diet of straight protein and grilled veggies.  I immediately lost 22 lbs.  I had gained like 12.  I have maintained that and lost another 5 recently.  My total weight loss is 100 lbs. So it CAN be done!  It's not easy, and I am here to tell you I strugged every single day.  But I do not want to go back.  I had my WLS 8 1/2 yrs ago (lap RNY), and I pray every day that I can keep the willpower going.  Some days I think I can't and other days it's easy.  Please don't give up!  Good luck, and take one day at a time and don't punish yourself.

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