(Dr. Bell) First came the message I need to call and reschedule my yearly appointment.....

Susan C.
on 2/24/13 6:28 am - Cromwell, CT

....... Then came the letter that Dr. Bell is leaving Yale Bariatrics.  I am so heart broken.  I can't imagine going to my follow up with another doctor.

Does anyone know why he's leaving??? 

on 2/24/13 8:56 am - East Haven, CT

I understand he is going into private practice with a college friend in New Jersey.  I am so upset as well.  I just had my 8.5 year follow up with him, as I missed my summer appt.  I'm glad I went.  I'm hoping he will be at March's support group and we have an opportunity to wish him well.


on 3/12/13 11:13 am - New Hartford, CT

I will be seeing Dr Bell this Friday, March 15th. I have not received a call that he will not be present. I will ask him about the support group and if he will attend, then post a message. I was unaware he was leaving. Thank you for this information. There is another surgeon in his office. Has anyone had an experience with him and would share? Duffy perhaps? I had surgery on January 23rd, 2013. I just found this site and hope to make contacts and be a good listener when the time arises. Best..... IM

on 3/12/13 11:17 am - East Haven, CT

Thanks.  Looking forward to the update.  I think he is there until the end of this month :(.  I miss this month's support group, and really wanted to go to wish him the best.  He's an awesome doctor and person!


Susan C.
on 2/24/13 11:54 am - Cromwell, CT

I missed my summer appointment for the first time and was supposed to see him on 3/28.  The letter says appointments after that day will be rescheduled.  Maybe I will get lucky and they can fit me in somewhere before he goes.


on 2/25/13 12:25 am

I too got a phone call and letter.... I too heard that he is opening his own practice in PA ... I will certainly miss him as I am 4 years post-op and worry about who I will see after he is gone.  He is "top notch" in my book ... hard shoes to fill!  I do wish him all the best in his move. Fortunately, I was able to get in to see him before he leaves.

on 2/25/13 4:02 am - East Haven, CT

Whether it's NJ/PA/NY, I think we should plan on going to him once a year there!  We can get a bus and make it a field trip !

Any takers?

Susan C.
on 2/25/13 7:54 am - Cromwell, CT

Haha.... I told my husband we are moving to Jersey.  At first he **** himself and then was like "it can't be worse than Connecticut"!

I rescheduled today so now i will actually see him next week.  I am up in weight this year (I had tendonitis surgery and blew my rotator cuff I think so my activity has been zero) but I'm hoping he won't be giving me a hard time since I will be friggin crying !  

on 2/25/13 8:04 am - East Haven, CT

He'll NEVER give you a hard time; that's not him at all.  He'll be his encouraging self, something no other doctor has the ability to do.  He truly is one of a kind!  I'm hoping to make it to support group to say good bye and wish him the best in March.  I hope he'll go to that one.  He's usually at all of them.

Good luck at your appt.  You'll get back in the swing of it once you are on the mend.  Just always remember, he gave us a "gift" - he calls it a tool; I call it a gift!



on 4/5/14 4:22 am - Milford, CT
RNY on 12/19/14

Wow, so sorry to hear that.  I don't know you but seeing that you got this far, you're a strong person.  Chin up, you'll be fine :)

Just some words of encouragement from a fellow nutmegger,


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