gettng back on track

on 3/31/13 7:53 pm - northford, CT

April 1 and I wish what the scale read this morning was a joke.

Am committing myself to getting back to the basics: weighing, measuring, 30 chews with each bite, drinking at least 80  ounces of water per day, and at least 30 minutes of exercise.

Had been avoiding the scale, eating what I wanted and in a way that got me to the place that I was before my by-pass surgery.

I know that when I am using the tools, eating properly, and getting enough exercise how much better I feel, how my head is clearer, I am less emotional, and my relationships are better because I am not filling myself with sugar and carbs.

thanks for listening



on 4/3/13 5:52 am - East Haven, CT

Congrats to you for acknowledging that you need to get back on track!  You CAN do it.  I have "fallen" off the wagon many times over the past 8.5 yrs and got back on.  Once you do, you feel like a million bucks!  Good luck!!!



on 4/7/13 9:43 pm

I'm with you Carol!  Doing the same thing - starting today!  

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