Are there any people from Connecticut here?

on 3/3/15 8:34 am

I am looking for some feed back from people who might have some insight about the bariatric team at Hartford Hospital and Dr. Tishler who heads up their program.  

on 5/2/15 3:22 am - New Haven, CT

I'm from CT but not Hartford.  I live in New Haven.


Starting Weight- 394

Weight as of July 12, 2010-  270


on 5/2/15 3:56 am

Hello there...gosh that was posted by me a long time ago.  I was trying to get some feedback on the bariatric team at hartford hospital.

on 6/8/15 2:33 pm - Central, CT

Just happened by this… thought I'd reply.  Sorry it's late, but I don't come here often.  Dr. Tischler has been at this for quite some time and in general is very well respected, also the group he is in is very well respected.  I made a point of going to one of his seminars ages ago (even though I had already has surgery because of all the great things I was hearing about the program) with a friend who considered him.  She ultimately choose an 'easier' to qualify with practice (she's crazy like that though, sigh) I though he was wonderful and very thorough.  

If I may, I do recommend you got to see a few doctors before you decide who is right for you. Compare the programs but also consider that different personalities/styles may be more or less suited for you.  For Ex, I chose Dr. Aranow out of Middlesex (not terribly convenient location for me) for MANY reasons, but his bedside manner or 'personality' is what sealed the deal for me.  

Good luck in your search. 


Lisa C

From CT


on 6/8/15 7:00 pm

Thanks for the reply, even though last.  Update I just had my surgery with Dr. Tishler.  I am 12 days post op and doing well.  

on 6/8/15 8:38 pm

Hello Lily,

I just came across this post. I just saw Dr. Thisler for an initial visit. May I ask what procedure you had?

on 6/9/15 5:53 am

Dr. Tishler did a RNY on me 13 days ago.  It seems he did a great job, so far so good.

on 6/9/15 4:05 pm

Hi, did you have yours on May 27?  If so, maybe we met. 

on 6/9/15 7:32 pm

Yes I did!  Wed, May 27th and left that friday the 29th.  Did we meet walking the halls??

on 6/10/15 4:30 am

You came to my room once to meet and then we met in the hall later. Hope you are doing well. I have my follow up visit today. 

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