Last minute second thoughts about my surgeon.!!

on 4/23/15 4:47 am - Naugatuck, CT

I've been going through this process of "qualification" for the VSG for nearly one year.  All setbacks have been attributed to difficulties getting appointments - a dietician quitting - office poorly run - etc etc.  I had completed my 6 months of dietary visits and all other requirements (minus doctors surgical clearance appointments) in mid January of this year.  Due to what I considered "not being on the same page" at my surgeons office.. I am still waiting for a surgery date.  I have finally been given clearance to have surgery, but it seems ALL time that something comes up! (Never on MY part, as I am willing and available to do whatever, WHENEVER)  I finally  met with my surgeon for our second appointment.  The one where I received my pre-op Rx's and information packet.. but, I felt the interaction with my surgeon was tense.  I feel like he didn't take my concerns seriously.  It seemed like an "Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles" attitude.   All this in terms of how long it's taken to get into having this procedure.  He is known to be a wonderful surgeon, but this last encounter has really soured my impression of this whole relationship/surgery/situation.  I'm quite discouraged now.. and have been wondering if perhaps I should seek a different surgeon/bariatric department/hospital.


Any insight from different perspectives is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

on 6/8/15 2:46 pm - Central, CT

I recommend that if you have any reservations at all you seek another opinion.  No matter where you are in the process, it's important that you have a competent and capable surgeon, with a staff that follows suit.  You're going to be putting your life in their hands and also relying on them for all you post op needs.  Imagine if you're not happy now, and your needs are minimal…what will happen later?


It never hurts to get a second option.  It may delay you, yes, but it may be worth the delay to have a surgeon and team you're totally comfortable with.  Good luck & Best wishes for your future success.


Lisa C

From CT


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