Still Healthy After All These Years

Kathy B.
on 9/26/16 9:52 am - East Windsor, CT

I just wanted to submit some updated information.  I don't get on here very often - it's honestly been years, but I've been thinking that I might want to post an update.

I had RNY on 12/3/2003 with Dr. Robert Bell at Yale.  He was wonderful.  Several years later, however, I found that I could eat too much food, and I had gained back a substantial amount of weight.  After learning about a clinical trial in Boston at Brigham & Women's, I went to be evaluated and found out I had a fistula (a hole) in my pouch.  Apparently our hormones can be enemies, and some I mine wanted more food, so a hole developed.  I had it fixed at Brigham & Women's and lost most of the weight I had gained back.  Second time around weight doesn't come off as quickly, and you don't lose as much.

I went for my annual physical last week, and was thinking about the fact that I am so much healthier than I was almost 13 years ago.  I no longer need CPap, I no longer have high blood pressure, I no longer have high cholesterol, and I am no longer pre-diabetic!  Add to that the fact that I am also still down 73 lbs. from my highest weight, really made me grateful that I took this path. 

Hopefully this post will encourage someone else who is trying to decide if this is a worthwhile process.  Do your research, get a surgeon with a great experience rating, once you have your surgery, go as long as you can without trying calorie-ridden foods again - you won't crave them, so don't give in.  The longer you stick exactly to the program, the better your weight loss experience will be.

Besides the fistula, I have had no other negative side-effects.  I never vomited, although I do experience dumping if I eat the wrong foods - you live and learn!

Best wishes to all who are about to embark on this journey.  I hope you are as healthy 13 years later as I am now!


(deactivated member)
on 9/29/16 6:44 pm

Hi Kathy,

Congratulations on your weight loss and success in keeping 73lbs off long term. Do you take part in any support groups in CT? I'm not aware of much, although I live in Fairfield County, not near New Haven area.

Kathy B.
on 10/3/16 10:15 am - East Windsor, CT

No, I don't attend any support groups, and although I had my surgery at Yale, I live in East Windsor!  I did go to Yale's group for quite a while, but now that there is a new surgeon there, I'm not sure what they have available.


on 12/3/16 11:29 am - wallingford, CT

Hi Kathy!

Glad to hear you are doing so well!!  I know Dr Bell has left CT - did you do your follow up with the current Dr's in his practice?  I had considered RNY with him after I had my band taken out in 2011ish - but decided not to go through with it - of course I am now 20 lbs heavier than i was before the Dr is in the practice with Yale now and I have an appt with him in January.



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