Health issues.... years out after gastric bypass surgery

on 10/20/13 7:02 am - New Castle, DE

Hi everyone... It has been a long while since I have posted.  I had my gastric bypass surgery in 12/2004.... these last few years I have been going thru some health issues.... severe hypoglycemia (my blood sugar level can plummet to 30 after in about an hour after a meal for no reason.  (I am not eating high sugar items) , many bone issues (the discs in my back are either compressed, herniated or have bone spurs.... my ribs are all fractured... my bones are very soft and break easily, and now I am having problems with my pancreas.  They are talking about removing part of my pancreas which would then make me a diabetic.  I have had a surgery every year since my gastric bypass.  I know I cant be the only one out there with these issues.  Anyone else going thru this?  My gastric bypass surgeon claims he has not heard of any other patients having any of the problems I am experiencing... and that might be because after the surgery... they don't go back when problems arise.  I am really looking for a support group of people who can say I am not crazy.  Maybe my body is deficient in something that no one has tested me on?  At one point I thought I had lupus... I went to an endocronologist who ruled out lupus and thought maybe MS...the neurologist ruled out MS saying I was too out for it but really thought I had lupus.    

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