TVP granola recipe?

Kayla B.
on 3/25/09 6:43 am - Austin, TX
I remember someone posting a granola recipe that uses TVP (maybe it was Julie?), and I was just wondering if someone could repost it for me.  I forgot to bookmark.

Oh, and I'll just use this post as a little plug for TVP.  It rocks.  TVP = textured vegetable protein and its like little crunchy bits made from soy flour.  High protein, low net carbs (good amt of fiber).  I buy it in bulk at the health food store and it's really cheap.  I think I got 2 or 3 cups of the stuff for about a dollar.  Plain, it tastes neither good nor bad.  I'd describe it as tasting like bland cheerios.  You can rehydrate it and add it to other foods as a cheap meat replacement, but I kinda like eating it as a cold cereal replacement since it's crunchy.  I've been adding milk, splenda and a dash of cinnamon.  Gets soggy fast, so keep the amounts small so you can eat it while it's still crunchy.  It's really filling too, because of the fiber.

In 1/4 c dry:

Calories 80 Sodium 2 mg Total Fat 0 g Total Carbs 7 g Dietary Fiber 4 g Sugars 3 g Protein 12 g

OK, I know y'all think I'm a freak now...but it CRUNCHES.  Like cereal.  Without wheat.  Without lots of carbs.  Without upsetting my stomach.  There are not many foods that do this...LOL

When I get back to the gym, I am probably going to add it to my oatmeal to beef up the protein content in my breakfast.  And I'd like to use it as an addition to my yogurt if I can get the yummy granola recipe.  :)

If anyone has any other good uses for it, I'm all ears.  This stuff is neato!
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on 3/25/09 6:59 am, edited 3/25/09 7:05 am - GA

I don't recall who posted it either, although, I am pretty sure it was Val or Julie. But heres the recipe I added to my file.


4 cups of TVP
1 cup of slivered almonds
1 cup of any other kind of nut (I had some chopped pecans)
6 T of splenda
2 cups of unsweetened flaked coconut
2 T cinnamon  

Mix TVP, splenda, cinnamon. Toast coconut, nuts in pan till light brown. Mix it all together. Serve with cream or milk. Yum!   TVP is like 14 grams of protein for 1/4 cup!


ETA: Umm I don't  kniow's recipe it is, it could be Julie's

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on 3/25/09 10:27 am
I have a TVP chili recipe if you're interested.  I convinced my husband to try it -- he was not a fan so I don't make it often.  I thought it was good, he says I'm warped

Deb H.



Julie R.
on 3/25/09 10:53 pm - Ludington, MI
Yup - that's the recipe I used and it's tasty isn't it??  You'd never know it's soy!  I'd like to try a few more things with it.    I don't use it as a meat substitute, cause hey, I like meat, but as a grain substitute?  It rocks.  I also found a recipe for TVP oatmeal on the internet.  I'll look for it later.
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