Hidradenitis Suppurativa Better Or Worse after Weight Loss?

Lucy B.
on 8/29/09 12:51 pm

After a Post Taylor made today about a abscess she Is suffering with I noticed alot of the People responding have HS.

I also Have HS and have had it for many many Years..I was hoping that with the weight loss I would see an improvement in it.. But I can honestly say for me It has gotten worse. I think probably because of the excess skin that I now have..

Have any of you seen a difference in your outbreaks? Have you found anything that helps?

I have an appointment with a Plastic surgeon at a Burn Unit In September I am hoping to get some answers on what I can do next.

I am hoping that maybe some of the plastic's may be covered by insurance because of the problems the extra skin is causing?









on 8/29/09 2:10 pm - Near Media, Pa- South of Philly, NJ
Have had HS since 2001-- in both axillae and to a smaller extent in my groin.
My plastics were NOT covered, in spite of this. Actually, some will not do plastics at all because of the heightened risk of infection.

Good news is, with all my weight gone and plastics well underway, I have actually been lesion free now for almost a year and a half. For me it's not just the lack of skin folds, but dietary-- I am convinced mine was sugar/yeast related.

Tea tree oil helps. Staying dry in the folds helps ( try Zeasorb powder.)

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Lucy B.
on 8/30/09 7:11 am

I Am having trouble getting my Hernia fixed because of my HS is so bad right now.. My General Surgeon wants me to try to get rid of the HS before he does the hernia repair.. Unless of course I start having Problems before.

When I had my DS I had a horrible Flair up of HS in my arms and Had to be put on IV antibiotics In the hospital ( which of course did no good ) I could have told them that.. but oh well..The pain from the Cysts were worse than the Surgical pain It was awful.. 

Over the years I have tried different diets to see if it were diet related but never got any relief but who knows .. I do think it has to do with diet a lot too.. I just haven't found that magical mix yet.

Thanks Jupiter 






on 8/29/09 2:37 pm
I have had HS for many years now too....I, like Jupiter, use Zeasorb powder and find it the best.  Also if I dont drink atleast 64 oz of straigh****er.....not flavored or G2 or any other, just plain water I seem to get them more frequently.  The PS that I have been consulting with told me to keep the folds of skin as dry as possible and to allow direct air to hit those effected areas if possible as often as possible.  I was looking forward to having some plastics done this year though after consultation and further doctor appts with my oncologist they together feel I need to wait at least one more year 
Lucy B.
on 8/30/09 7:04 am

Thanks for the suggestions I am going to try the zeasorb powder Where do you get it? I drink plain water all the time..I won't be giving that up anytime soon...

I try to keep dry all the time.. I have to say that part is better with the weight loss..but it is still hard sometimes with all the extra skin folds now..

Thanks Colene






(deactivated member)
on 8/29/09 2:46 pm - Cumberland, IN
 I've had it for about 6 years now, and it's been about the same.  I actually probably notice it more, because it's all on my backside and I no longer have "cushion" thus it hurts a bit more.  However, my inner thighs are pretty much completely boil free, which before hand was not the case.  Hopefully I can get my insurance to cover some type of plastics.
Guate Wife
on 8/29/09 3:11 pm - Grand Rapids, MI

Worse.  I only have one location (groin) now, but the frequency of flare ups has increased, and the duration of inflammation and subsequent drainage as lengthened.

Nothing really helps, but I do get some relief by not wearing panties with elastic around the legs --- the "boy shorts" style are great for this, but they don't like to stay up around the waist!

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Lucy B.
on 8/30/09 6:59 am

I have become a no pantie kind of girl for quite a few years now.. I think that has helped me tremendously in the lower region.. People sometimes make fun of me (family)  but if they had to deal with this **** they wouldn't care to wear any either..







on 8/29/09 9:21 pm - NY
Totally totally have it. Ugh. I've noticed that as the weight is coming down, they come out in full force. Right after the surgery they dried up, but then I got on actigall and it could be a combo or just the weightloss. I second the yeast theory greatly. I have it in places I don't even want to effing mention. The insurance I had GHI was totally going to cover plastics (panni, breast reduction blah blah) I was a lucky child. They continue to call me, but I've since switched insurance companies. Ugh. So who knows. Crossing fingers.
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Lucy B.
on 8/30/09 6:55 am

Your Insurance was going to cover plastic's because of the HS? I have medicare so I am not really getting my hopes up.. But they did pay for my DS so who knows!! A girl can hope!!

I am so sorry your going thru this too Sia.. It is horrible. I get them in other Places too ;(

Just so much worse in my arms.. 







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