B-50 Complex vs B-55 Complex?

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on 12/11/10 2:05 pm
What is the difference between the B-50 and the B-55 Complex?

Thank you!
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on 12/11/10 3:10 pm - Atlanta, GA
Sorry--no answer, but glad you asked since I was wondering the same thing. Last week I ordered B-50 but got B-55 in the mail.
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on 12/11/10 3:22 pm
I have problems with Bcomplex - my B6 is always too high.  Supplement B1 and B12.  Watch your labs...

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on 12/11/10 7:02 pm - VA
The Vitalady B50 is in capsule form (that's the one I take) and the B55 is horse pill tablets.  I sure know the capsule is dissolving in my stomach because I get a niacin flush when I take it. I only take 2 a week now and an extra daily B1 capsule based on my labs.


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on 12/11/10 9:57 pm
 The 50, 55, 100 ect (whatever # is after the "B" in the complex) is how many mg/mcg or %DV of each B vite are in that particular brand.  That's all.  I take the B-100 from Costco for this reason, because all my B labs were saggy.  They ARE horse pills though, and super hard to swallow, and they dissolve FAST and taste NASTY.  This is the only pill I take that I can't take with a bunch of other stuff.  I have to take it individually, with some kind of flavored beverage, and I waste a lot of them because if I can't get it down right away, the taste kicks in and I spit it out- blargh!  It also has my pee a lovely shade of Mountain Dew yellow (same color as the pill), LOL!
on 12/11/10 10:14 pm
One makes you flush and the other does too? LOL
I dunno, but this is the one vite I have to force down everyday because Niacin flushes suc****ep pushing it down till I get my next labs though because I had so many bags of different B's given to me in the hospital that I feel I must need it. Plus, I am STILL getting cracked mouth cornors occasionally and that is usually a Riboflavin(B2) deficiency.

I sometimes skip a day to get a break from the side effects. It is gross to take. I think the B's in the multivites are what makes them stink and taste bad, because alone in the Tender Complex -55 ...they are gross.

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on 12/12/10 3:30 am
Thank you all for clarifying!
on 12/13/10 9:17 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
People requested capsules, so I have the B-50. eXCEEPT THE NIACIN IS 75MG AND ABOUT 50% OF PPL WILL FLUSH. tHEY SAY THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING.

(SORRY caps)

The B-55 is fine, just a tablet and ppl didn't like tablets.

Most of us end up on maybe B1 daily, B complex every other day.

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