Paying forward a hair miracle, and I can't remember who to thank...

Anna G.
on 4/15/11 4:36 am
Was it mylilblackdress *****commended this product a while back?
Wen Cleansing Conditioner:

My hair has been pathetically thin for years. It started after breast cancer surgery, and very time I have any kind of surgery, it gets worse. Part of it is genetic; lots of older women in my family wear wigs. I had some pretty bad bald spots after my DS, and those sorta went away eventually, but my hair was still very thin and sad. Recently, it started getting TONS of static electricity as well. Someone (was it you, lilblackdress?) recommended the Wen Cleansing Conditioners. I seriously hesitated because of the price, but bit the bullet and bought a 16 oz. bottle.


My hair looks like a normal person's. It has real body. I now know what the word, "manageable" means, and I never, ever get static electricity. I haven't had hair like this since my 20's. I know that it's impossible that this stuff has actually grown more hair on my head in the last month, but that is exactly what it seems like. And even though it would seem that a product which eliminates the use of shampoo might mean more frequent washings, the opposite has been the case. I used to wash my hair every other day because on the third day my scalp would start to itch and my hair would get oily. Now, I go 3-4 days between washings. I'm thinking this is MUCH better for my hair!

If anyone is struggling with sad, thin, flyaway hair, you owe it to yourself to try this. Don't get it from the web site unless you want to get on an automatic monthly shipment program. It's available on Amazon for around $40 for 16 oz. or $65 for 32 oz.  The 16 oz. bottle lasted me about a month, and when I reordered I went for the 32 oz. It's way more money than I've ever spent on a hair product, but so, so worth it.

on 4/15/11 5:59 am
Inreresting- I've seen this on one of  the shopping channels but always worried that it would make my hair greasy or scalp feel clogged up w/ oil.  My hair remains thick but am growing it out longer and since it changes color every 6 weeks I'm concerned that washing every 2 days is too much- Did you find it odd that it doesn't suds?  How well does it rinse out and do you need to use conditioner to detangle?
thanks for your product review.
Anna G.
on 4/15/11 6:18 am
It's kinda does suds up a bit. Then it does rinse out well and it detangles just as well as a good conditioner. I usually put a little bit on my hair after I rinse it out as a leave-in conditioner too. My hair actually feels LESS greasy now. It used to start getting oily by the end of the second day but now I can go 3-4 days before I notice any oil.

on 4/15/11 6:19 am - South Central, PA
Here's an identical product, 12 oz for about $12 from Sally's Beauty Supply.  It's called Hair One, and they have formulations for normal, color-treated, dry/damaged, dry scalp, and curly hair.  They also have little trial packages for about $2 if you want to try before you buy.  I love it!,default,pd.html

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Anna G.
on 4/15/11 6:21 am
I debated trying that one! I read quite a few reviews on it and saw too many that unfavorably compared it to Wen. But the price is so much better that it's worth a try!

on 4/15/11 6:50 am - South Central, PA
I'd say just try one of their packs (one "serving").  It may work better for you now that you've spent some time with Chaz Dean, Mr. Beautiful Hair. 

I want to try that Wen, but it's too rich for my blood right now!
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Anna G.
on 4/15/11 6:53 am
It is for mine too, but I justified it by the fact that I don't spend any money in salons. I color my own hair and only get it cut once in a blue moon, so I figure my hair's worth spending a little. :) I'll definitely check out one of those sample packs though. We do have a Sally Beauty Supply here, miracle of miracles. (I live in the wilds of Alabama and we're all excited because the rumor is that we are FINALLY getting a Publix!)

on 4/15/11 10:15 pm
Every once in a while you can get it on QVC as a "Today's special Value" and the price isn't too bad.  Also, I've found it on eBay a lot cheaper. 

I too love the stuff.  I've always had fine hair and I think it does a great job, expecially when I don't want to style my hair or put product in.  Air drying with the Wen my hair actually looks normal. 

*BUT I'm totally going to Sally and getting some Hair One to try*

Thanks so much for this thread!
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on 4/15/11 8:12 am - FL
Hi, Anna--Yeah, it was me.  WEN is fantastic stuff!  I get mine on QVC.
Anna G.
on 4/15/11 8:28 am
Lisa, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in your debt.

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