VSG to DS? Anyone had this done?

on 5/12/11 5:36 am

Has anyone here had the VSG and then decided to do the DS?  If so, I would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  Did your insurance pay for the revision? 

Thanks in advance...


Hugs, Karen R. (Mom to TWELVE incredible kids)

on 5/12/11 5:44 am - AL
Is your ticker correct?  You are close to goal?  If so I doubt you can get the second part of the DS insurance or no.


on 5/12/11 5:45 am
Nope.  My ticker is not correct.  I had the sleeve done in 2008.


Hugs, Karen R. (Mom to TWELVE incredible kids)

on 5/12/11 5:51 am - Fairfax, VA
Hi. I don't know how much help I can be, but I had the VSG in 2003. Initially lost about 70 pounds, but put it back on and then some. Had a revision to a DS six weeks ago. I've lost 29 pounds so far. My insurance DID pay. I have BCBS Federal. I understand the weight loss may be slower (I didn't get "re-sleeved") just due to it being a revision and also, my metabolism rate stinks after the VSG. Hope this helps!

on 5/15/11 10:06 am


I have BCBS Federal, too.  It is great to know that the procedure is covered.  I lost 114 lbs with the VSG.  I still needed to lose 30.  I have gained 25 back.  I have 55 lbs to lose.  What are the pros and cons of the DS that you can tell me about?


Hugs, Karen R. (Mom to TWELVE incredible kids)

on 5/17/11 3:29 am - Fairfax, VA
Karen - I'm not sure how much luck you'll have with insurance if you only have 55 pounds to lose.  I gained back so much weight after my VSG that I needed to lose 130!!  (Now only 100!!! :->).  I think they are going to want to see a need for a much larger weight loss before they will approve.  But it's worth a shot. 

Also, I don't know what my surgeon's insurance coordinator did, but she managed to get me approved without my having to jump through the required "hoops".  Namely, the use of a dietician for 3 months in the year preceding the request for surgery.  She is a miracle worker and tenacious!!

Best of luck to you.

on 5/12/11 6:10 am

Why are you wanting to have the DS done?  Have you regained weight?  Metabolic issues?  

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on 5/12/11 7:00 am - Newark, DE
I know that a few DS'rs had to get the sleeve in two parts for various reasons. They may be able to chime in as to what to expect. Did you have a regain? A metabolic issue??
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on 5/12/11 8:37 am - OKC, OK
Revision on 12/15/10 with
It all depends on your insurance policy.
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Janine P.
on 5/12/11 9:28 am - Long Island, NY
Me Me Me

I'm a 2-part DS'er.  My insurance did pay for the second half, yes.

Not sure how much you have to lose but please keep in mind the severity of the surgery the DS is.  It's no joke.  If you're looking into it to get off 20-30 pounds, please go another route.


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