4 days ds post op and no poop today

on 7/15/11 12:51 pm - NY
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 hi i had surgery on 7/11 all went great i got home today 7/15....after i got home i went for a nice long walk they started me on solids today which i tolerated well but ever since last night i havent pooped or havent had the urge to go...could this be a problem or something...just curious im doing great haveing some gas pains but nothing serious im trying to walk it out...anyway people any advise would be great....oh btw ive lost already 9 lbs....how much is expected to lose in the first month more or less?
on 7/15/11 2:47 pm
I'm still pre-op so I can't answer your questions, but I just wanted to say Welcome Home :) and I am glad you seem to be doing good!  9 lbs in 4 days?  Sounds good to me!
on 7/15/11 9:24 pm - NY
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 thank you so much i feel great today thank god i lost another pound so that makes 10 lbs
on 7/15/11 9:58 pm - Davidson, NC
 My surgeon wouldn't let me eat, drink or leave the hospital till I pooped or passed gas.  It took 5 days!


on 7/15/11 11:23 pm - NY
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 they wouldnt let me leave either and the night before i was discharged i went to the bathroom twice and did a pretty good amount but now i dont even have the urge....i guess i will wait a few more days and see if not i will call the doc
on 7/15/11 10:33 pm, edited 7/15/11 10:35 pm
I'm 4 weeks out, down 22 last I checked. 

I was 6 and a half days before a BM.  Morphine/Delaudid (sp?) and other pain drugs can plug you up.  Give your body a break, don't force, and sip sip sip... it'll come out when it's ready. :)

Oh... and get some No Sugar added Popsicles,... ones with malitol or sorbitol (sp?) in them - that helps get things moving.  (I just brought some in for my Dad at the hospital with his own type of stomach surg... 18 - 24 hours later... things started moving. )

Pick your surgery first, then your surgeon. Not the other way around.  
PS:... Potato chips should be a food group.

I'm tired of screwing with that damn health widget.
 I've lost 125 pounds to date!!!!
   And I'm UNDER 190 now!!! 
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on 7/15/11 11:31 pm
I went 7 days before a poop after surgery. No big deal. Just sluggish bowels due to anesthesia. 

on 7/15/11 11:58 pm - Orlando, FL
Also, you aren't eating much of anything, so the amount of BMs will be lower. Just be thankful you don't have diarrhea!

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Elizabeth N.
on 7/16/11 1:30 am - Burlington County, NJ
Well, you haven't taken in anything to speak of, so it might be a while before you have enough of anything to poop out. That doesn't worry me. As long as they were happy with your bowel sounds, and better yet if you can fart, it's a pretty good bet that your guts are waking up okay.

Your guts kind of "go to sleep" when they are stressed, and some people's guts take longer to wake up and get going again than others. This is very rarely a problem. Do keep in communication with your surgeon about this.

Your nine pounds of loss is WATER. You will continue to lose several more pounds very quickly, most likely. Also WATER. Then it will slow down, maybe stop, maybe even go UP. This is because your body is replenishing emergency energy stores and that requires water. Do NOT, I beseech you, be a scale ***** especially in this first 4-8 weeks.

Better yet, start learning NOW to meaure you progress without the damned scale. Take your measurements. Find how one set of clothes fits you and try it on once a month to compare the changes. Take lots of pictures. Keep records of health and fitness improvements and how you become able to do things you couldn't do before surgery.

The scale is a liar and it will make you crazy. Throw it away.

on 7/16/11 1:49 am - Vallejo, CA
okay Scorpiozprincess I too had my DS on 7/11 and before going home Dr. wanted to make sure that I got the gas and I did have a BM and it was bloody (sorry to gross anyone out) but I asked if that was normal and they said yes and I don't believe it also I've been home for 3 days now and I've had a small BM but not big I'm walking and still got gas but now BM are you having similar problems also are you still having stomach pain?

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