Had my consult, got my checklist...

on 7/15/11 4:11 pm - TX
 I met with Dr. Stewart on Thursday and he was very nice and extremely helpful and patient! His knowledge completely confirmed my decision in having the DS. I have my checklist for "to-do's" and now I'm just waiting to hear back on some left out info from the insurance company. I'm hoping they won't require a 6 month supervised diet that's more recent than 3 years and we don't know yet about the psych eval, that was the only left out info. Otherwise I'm all set and have all my diagnostics and labs scheduled for Tuesday!

 Once we hear back from the insurance (pending good news) I will get my surgery date!
on 7/15/11 4:43 pm
That's awesome!  My fingers are crossed for your good news :) 
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