I officially now love my job

on 8/10/11 12:07 pm - Schenectady, NY
For the past 8-9 months, I've been working through a temp agency assigned to a very large health insurance company.  Since day 1 I've found the work interesting and having enough variety to keep things from getting stale. Part of my duties includes verifying cases for consistencies and checking for errors and when needed sending error cases back to the reviewing nurse for clarification or fixing the error.

Another part of my job entails making member notification calls to inform people of approvals for medical services, and approvals and denials for radiologic imaging requests.

This afternoon I was making some medical approval calls and saw a case where the approved service was CPT 43845 (the DS), so I shouted "nobody else call ______ (name), that's mine!!" LOL

Luckily the member was home, so I was able to give him the detailed approval notification.  He mentioned he was a little nervous, but I think I was able to put him a little more at ease when I told him I had the DS close to 5 years ago with the same group at the same hospital.  He asked me how I've done and I told him I've lost 150-160 and stayed fairly steady for the last 4 years or so. Then told him he was in good hands.  He asked a few other questions but unfortunately I wasn't able to answer them due to liability concerns (not being a "clinician" I'm not really supposed to discuss clinical details, even if my info IS correct). the other thing, I have no idea if he's around here (either active or lurking) and again, I couldn't make the suggestion so I only hope he somehow finds his way around here.

That was great...I'm hoping they hire me on permanent soon.

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on 8/10/11 12:18 pm - Beverly, NJ
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That had to be one of the best phone calls you've ever made! It would of been hard to bite my tongue and not keep him on the phone for an hour.
I hope he is on here lurking, that would be awesome!
on 8/10/11 1:32 pm - Land of Oz, KS
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That's awesome, way to pay it forward!


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J G.
on 8/10/11 1:58 pm
Wow, too cool.  I would have loved to just be in the room listening in!  -Jenny 
on 8/10/11 2:15 pm - Schenectady, NY
Yes, but that would have been a major  HIPAA violation   LOL

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Julie R.
on 8/10/11 10:06 pm - Ludington, MI
 Hey Sean - it's good to see you on the OH boards again!
I would have had a hard time keeping my trap shut while talking to this guy.   I would have been gushing like an idiot about how much I love my DS, LOL.
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on 8/10/11 11:59 pm
(stunned silence)..................
Ya mean, insurance companies sometimes do good things??????

Glad to hear they've (almost) hired someone good!!!!  

I went to see a doctor last week, and couldn't remember when we had our switch!!!  I had to log onto OH and check!  (I was close, just off a little!)....   Glad to see you're doing well....   Take care,  Mary C   , your switch sister!!!!

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