Wish me luck at the grill!

Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 9:09 am - Burlington County, NJ
I'm about to beer-can-barbecue a whole chicken on the grill, with smoker attachment in place. WOOOOHOOOO Off to sear I go....

on 8/11/11 9:19 am
Good luck. Smoky, beery chicken sounds yummy. You will have to tell us all how it turned out.
Oh, and remember to *open* the beer can before trying to do the grilling. I've heard of a stupid person who didn't realize this little trick.
Also remember that for every beer the chicken gets, the grillmiester should get one as well.
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Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 9:20 am - Burlington County, NJ
Nah, the grillmeister should get a lot more than that.....Yup, can is open :-D.

Julie R.
on 8/11/11 9:21 am - Ludington, MI
 EN - are you still in Montana?
Now that I'm more familiar with the state...having traversed it by train, where exactly are you?
I loved it there, and can't wait to return.
Julie R - Ludington, Michigan
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Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 9:31 am - Burlington County, NJ
Check your PM.

on 8/11/11 9:25 am - Telford, PA
Hope it turns out well!
DS on 8/15/11

Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 9:33 am - Burlington County, NJ

Well, it flambe'ed while searing and had to get doused with the fire extinguisher can of beer kept at the ready (the only valid use for Budweiser). But now we're humming along right around 325.

BIL does not eat chicken (his loss on this one), so I'm doing up a bunch of hamburgers too. I'll be gone all day tomorrow so they need leftovers to munch :-). Then they'll be gone on the weekend, so I'll have protein supply.

on 8/11/11 9:26 am - Haslet, TX
Make sure it s in a 9x9 pan to collect the juices if you want ! ooh and make sure the beer is shoved up the heiny pretty good ! LOL  Falls off  ... Sure sounds good !!

Do make sure the grill mistress gets her share of beer !!

Have fun !
Elizabeth N.
on 8/11/11 9:34 am - Burlington County, NJ
Nah, I'm letting the juices drip for the grill aroma. Hence the big sear-off--and it looked pretty impressive LOL.

(deactivated member)
on 8/11/11 9:30 am - Beverly, NJ
This is one of my favorite ways to make chicken. During the cold months I do it in the oven because I'm desperate for it
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