Eloisie update

Elizabeth N.
on 8/20/11 2:46 am - Burlington County, NJ
I spoke on the phone with Eloisie this morning and she made a promise to me that she would be in the ER and prepared for a hospital admission by noon her time today. Please send her lots and lots of love and support. She's in pretty dire shape and really scared.

(deactivated member)
on 8/20/11 2:52 am - TX
Thank you fro the update, EN and thanks also for your care & compassion in sticking with her to get her where she needs to be.

Swinging critters, praying and sending virtual hugs her way,

Elizabeth N.
on 8/20/11 4:47 am - Burlington County, NJ
Here's hoping she gets a good reception there.

I'm certain the great caring shown her here will mean a lot more to her when she is well enough to absorb it.

on 8/20/11 3:06 am - Somerset, KY
Well wishes being sent her way!



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on 8/20/11 3:17 am - OKC, OK
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Thanks for the update. She's been on my mind.
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(deactivated member)
on 8/20/11 3:31 am
Prayers coming her way..
on 8/20/11 4:53 am - Green Bay, WI
Sending prayers, well wishes and swinging critters her way! Hope she's feeling back up to par soon!
(deactivated member)
on 8/20/11 8:52 am - Beverly, NJ
I'm glad she's getting the help she needs. She's got the right woman on her side to give her the encouragement she needs to get help.

See you're not a scarey fire breathing dragon after all. You really do care
Elizabeth N.
on 8/20/11 9:26 am - Burlington County, NJ
I can be a scarey fire breathing dragon if that's what it takes to get someone help. Don't threaten to off yourself to me. That's a GREAT BIGGIE. And if I get convinced that you aren't safe, it doesn't really matter what you say.

(deactivated member)
on 8/20/11 11:57 am - Beverly, NJ
And that EN is why I love you. 

I think in the great big world of OH you can be misunderstood.  I try and tell people all the time that it's when your quiet and don't say anything they should be worried.  Behind your fire is a whole lotta love. 
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