Get ready NOW for next summer!

on 9/30/11 1:43 am - Louisville, KY
DS on 02/27/12
If only...sigh.  But you never know, it could happen, and I would love it!

Elizabeth N.
on 9/30/11 2:40 am - Burlington County, NJ
You can fly for around $400 from most places if you use a discount website like Travelocity or Hotwire. I have a bunkhouse lodging option that would run about $50/night that could conceivable (if crowded, and with one bathroom) house 6 people. I'd suggest a limit of three, but folks who don't mind could pile themselves in. You'd only be sleeping, pooping and making coffee anyhow :-).

Bunkhouse also has B&B option in the main house for around $80/night. Pycca can tell you all the fun she had with the bunkhouse :-). It's right outside the corrals, comes with cats, definitely pleasant for folks who love country and are happy with simple accomodations.

Owners are marvelous folks who will cheerfully talk your ear off or leave you in peace if that's your preference.

So plan now to pack the youngsters off somewhere for a week and come on out!

on 9/30/11 6:32 am - Louisville, KY
DS on 02/27/12
EN- You are forgetting.  My youngsters are fursters, one black, one striped tabby, and one orange.  Yes, I could find caretakers for the furrats, I'm sure, but dammit, I'm not bringing any Montana cats home in my suitcase either! Though I am sure I'll be tempted.

Elizabeth N.
on 9/30/11 8:54 am - Burlington County, NJ

Ah okay. Yeah, I forget people's details all the time, sorry. You'll be so busy enjoying the sites and the STEAK that you won't think much about rescuing kitties :-).

on 9/30/11 3:19 am
I don't know if I'd ever make it out there, but the song specifically mentions BACON for 2 meals. Sounds like a DSer's dream.
Can you tell me a bit more about the ranch? Pics of the bunkhouse? I honestly don't know when I will have the $ or time for a real vacation, but I've been wanting to get out that way for years. Absolutely beautiful country.

Elizabeth N.
on 9/30/11 4:17 am - Burlington County, NJ
I sent you a PM.

on 9/30/11 5:48 am

I loved this song and made me think of why I love my Montana!

Also if a show of DS'ers come up I wouldn't mind houseing them for a night or two if they are traveling throughout Montana and want to see the beautiful capital. My husband and I just bought a 5 bedroom home and we have no children besides the cat and dog. So we have plenty of room as well, if you plan to pass through.
If you do travel Montana the NorthWest is a definate area that needs to be explored! It is 'OMG' country up there. Orginally from Libby so I am partial to the NW hehehe

on 9/30/11 7:06 am - Jackson, MI
Oh I LOVE Montana!  It's the most beautiful part of the country, imo.  I've always loved it since I went there when I used to drive with my husband (he's a trucker) years ago.    The winters up there are crazy though.  I wish I could consider it...
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I was just trying to figure out what the "W" in WILF stood for.
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