Elizabeth N.
on 10/6/11 2:43 am - Burlington County, NJ
Have I mentioned lately that my school has a marvelous dining facility?

Today is ultimate comfort food day, from the looks of the offerings. Coney Island hot dogs anyone?

I'm nomming my chef buddy's DS PERFECT mac and cheese. If you're gonna have pasta, THIS is the ratio of FAT and CHEESE to have in it. YUMYUMYUM.

Seeking Healthy
on 10/6/11 2:51 am
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on 10/6/11 3:16 am - Haslet, TX
Sounds good !! 

I just nommed on a turkey ,provolone cheese and  green chilli all  wrapped in a fried corn tortilla.....

Felt bad as I was talking to Jules, checking up on her,, thought she could hear me munching!!,, but at least she is getting food too !! ( btw she is improving!!)

I subbed  the flour one for a corn...
 I need to try the mac and cheese,, maybe fry ti too !! heard thar was good too!
on 10/6/11 3:46 am - Kennewick, WA
(deactivated member)
on 10/6/11 6:01 am
Coney dogs are hard to find where I live now, grew up in NJ.. out here in the midwest all they have are chili dogs :(

I make this every once in a while.. Steam some buns, and even if my husband loves grilled dogs, you have to steam those Nathan's to get the whole texture thing with this! 

1/2c fine chopped onion 
1lb lean beef 
3/4C ketsup 
1tsp sugar 
2T vinegar 
2T yellow mustard 
1/4 tsp celery seed 
Couple dashes worcestershire sauce 
1/4 tsp black pepper 
1/4 tsp salt 
chicken/beef broth or water: about 1/3 C for cooking beef 

Lightly brown onions, place beef, salt, pepper & ketsup in skillet and add water or broth- helps break up meat while cooking to get that fine texture. Once browned and reduced, add to crockpot along with rest of ingr. Cook on low for several hours, opening lid if needed to reduce to a thick meat sauce.  
Elizabeth N.
on 10/6/11 10:38 am - Burlington County, NJ
DROOOOOOL. Must try that.

The chef in charge of Coney dogs makes an absolutely incredible onion sauce for them that I'm told is authentic.

(deactivated member)
on 10/6/11 10:39 am
If you get the recipe, let me know!
on 10/6/11 6:51 am - Telford, PA
I didn't know it was treat day, there's still more time!!!

I that's sounds so yummy EN!!!!
DS on 8/15/11

on 10/6/11 9:33 am
I am so with that treat day and the dogs! Today was my checkup with my surgeon and he is close to the best chicago style dog and greasy fries in Nashville. I work during their open hours, so I took the opportunity to get my treat before my appointment since I had to leave early for it.

How's that for progress, a 2 yr DS follow-up, and I didn't care what the scales would say, just wanted my dog!
But the scales were exactly where they were 6 months ago. I love my DS!

5'1 HW 298 CW 118

"Making America skinny, one slap atta time!" -Slap Chop Dude

Jolly Rancher
on 10/6/11 10:30 am
HOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD UPPPPPPPPPPPPP! What's this perfect mac and cheese. It used to be my favorite, but I've basically given it up! What have I missed!!!!!!!!!

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