Fecal Transplants Promising for Treating Intestinal Issues

on 11/17/11 5:29 pm - CA
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. It doesn't sound like something I'd ever try, but I thought someone here might be interested.

It's quite an odd treatment, but some are claiming it's effective. Has anyone every heard of this before?



on 11/17/11 11:11 pm - Provo, UT
I didn't read the article, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but the whole idea makes me say EYEEEEW!!!
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on 11/17/11 11:47 pm
 Yeah the article takes the ewwww to a whole 'nother level.  OTOH it cured one womans horrendous battle with c.diff, so ... ok... I just?!?!? Don't know if I could do that!  
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(deactivated member)
on 11/18/11 1:18 am
There is a member, she hasn't posted in a long time but she had C-diff and could not get rid of it. It was affecting her whole life and also her nutrition status.  This treatment was pointed out to her and last I heard she was going to try it.  She never did come back and post the results. (I think she got butthurt by something else) Anyway....I wish she would at least post if she tried the treatment and her outcome.
April M.
on 11/18/11 1:23 am - MI
Ummm, yeah, so ewwww. BUT, since I heard about it, I've thought about it, and with as bad as some people have C. Diff. problems, and with as bad as it can get, having impact on your whole life, nutrition, and health, I'd have to say if that was the treatment I needed, I'd just have to do whatever it took to get over the ewwww factor. But oh man, EWWWWWW!

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on 11/18/11 5:05 am - Naples, FL
I read this article when it first came out and I was absolutely amazed  by the fact that we have this wonderful easy, cheap and biologically friendly remedy yet all these doctors want to do is pump you up with harmful chemicals that don't cure you and in fact, make things worse.  The yuck factor aside, what a gift of nature that something like C. diff could be cured so easily (and inexpensively, hence the reluctance of doctors to use it.) And what it does for preemies...
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on 11/18/11 10:35 am - Livermore, CA
DS on 05/24/12
My roommate's boss was just days away from having this done (fecal transplant) when the doc tried one last ditch effort (I don't remember what it was) to fight off the C-Diff. He says that it worked and she's "cured" but she still feels like crap (pun intended). She can barely work (2 hours a week and she's exhausted). He told her it will take up to 6 months for her to get her mojo back working again. This woman was a dynamo, very active and she's basically hating her qualify of life. So much so that she was VERY READY to have this procedure done. She'd passed the ICK factor months ago.

I do think I'd try it, if I were stopped damn near dead in my tracks by C-Diff with no foreseeable end in site.
M. Miller
on 11/18/11 10:42 am
 Odd yes..however if it would improve y quality of life I'd do it in a minute and recruite my husband, sibling or even parent...i dont know, seemms less eww when coming from someone that close to you either someone you share DNA wih or swap bodily fluids on a regular basis with...just sayin.

Ms. Poker Face
on 11/19/11 9:57 am
I have been battling C diff since June.  A fecal transplant will be my next treatment option if I get the infection back.  Believe me, after the troubles of C diff, swapping poop sounds like a cake walk.

My gastro doc actually suggested I try an enema version on my own at home, so I did it three days in a row this week.  Hopefully that helps.

Gross, but it could save my life.


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