Dear Almost-Switched and Newly Switched Folks......

Elizabeth N.
on 12/4/11 11:31 am, edited 12/20/11 12:48 am - Burlington County, NJ
I have purposely removed the content of this and my other posts on this thread.

on 12/4/11 11:37 am - Provo, UT
Thank-You, E.N.
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on 12/4/11 11:38 am
Woman, you can WRITE!  hear-hear!

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on 12/4/11 12:03 pm - TX
 Thanks for the reality check. I guess I am all out of whack and needed a "slap" back to reality. Thank you for all the support you have given and advice, it is truly appreciated. 
Elizabeth N.
on 12/4/11 1:13 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Its a Secret
on 12/4/11 12:14 pm
"bacon porn"  heheheh  realistic as hell, I go find the threads and dream of the day LOL
on 12/4/11 1:06 pm - Kennewick, WA
Mike A.
on 12/4/11 1:30 pm - Independence, MO
Following this kind of advice sure made my recovery easier to deal with. BTW, I love your no nonsense style

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Elizabeth N.
on 12/4/11 1:56 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Sher Bear Mama
on 12/4/11 1:37 pm
 Thanks Elizabeth.  I'm going in the hospital tomorrow and it's always good to be reminded of what expectation we should or shouldn't have.  I'm looking forward to having you chew my head off if I get off track.  But if not I'm sure I'll do a pretty good job of kicking my own ass if needed.

Sher--the bear mama

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