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Lisa R.
on 2/2/12 6:07 am - Madison Township, PA
Hello's been a long time since I've been on here, but everytime I need an answer, this is where I come.

I should know the answer to this, but I don't.  As DSers, I know we are not supposed to donate blood, risky would it be for us to put ourselves on the National List?  I have a dear friend whose aunt will be in need of "something" to combat her rare form of leukemia.  I would like to be tested for her obviously, but I was wondering if this surgery takes us out of the running, so to speak.

I'm over four years out, and I'm doing pretty well.  No issues at all...

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on 2/3/12 3:19 am - NC
I'm not sure how to answer your question, but I've never been told that I couldn't donate blood.  I was told to wait at least 6-months post-surgery before donating, but otherwise, it's fine.  I actually gave last week and was fine afterwards.  Anyone else heard that we're not supposed to donate?
Janet P.
on 2/3/12 3:43 am
I was told never to donate blood, ever. I would assume the national registry is for bone marrow. I would suggest talking to your DS surgeon before signing up.

I would make sure you check your labs, specifically iron and ferritin. I would think donating blood could cause anemia.

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