Update: Hip Pain, Cramps & Deficiency

on 2/18/13 2:14 am - Atlanta, GA

Hello All;

Just a quick update.  No MRI yet as I canceled the one my pcp scheduled last week in favor of the one my ortho doc scheduled this week since it included the hip.  Arrived this morning to find out insurance denied both (back denied since already approved for pcp and hip just outright denied).  So they have advised rescheduling the back through my pcp and referred me to a hip specialist with resurgens.   So, not really closer to discovering what exactly is happening in my hip, but there are improvements nonetheless.

Started upping my vites on Friday and hoped to see a big enough difference to satisfy myself that vitamin deficiency was playing a big role.  Quite a bit discouraged by Sunday morning because the muscle cramping in the right thigh and knee area (can you imagine cramping around the knee?  I don't even know how to describe the feeling.) had become constant and no pain medicine was really helping.  The only thing that helped a bit was slathering biofreeze on it and alternating hot and cold compresses . . . and that only helped a little.  I was barely able to get through the church service sitting on the piano bench and playing.  I know I looked a fright cuz I felt . . . ummm, not like total crap . . . but very "crappish""

Had a misstep getting out of the car back home after church that really hurt in the front hip area so I iced my groin and situated myself on the couch where my legs were together and the right one bent towards me.  That was the most comfortable position.  Over the next couple of hours, I noticed that there seemed to be very little cramping at all.  I mean, I was watching a dvd of my favorite show "Charmed" and was actually enjoying the show instead of trying to ignore the pain.  I even wiggled my leg a couple of times to be sure it wasn't my imagination.  I will say, though, that the whole thigh was very, very sore and tender to the touch in a very sensitized way.  I had to remind myself that the muscles had been cramping for days, not hours . . . days so the leg is gonna be sore.  Very light, barely touching rubbing helps with that.  Cramping not 100% gone, but very minimal and a little more when I walked around a bit, but only up to about a 3-4 at the very worst.  I know it's just a start, but I'm so thankful for that much.  I've been able to think, I was even able to concentrate on my music enough to get some personal practice in.  I'm supposed to be singing in a performance of the Bach B Minor mass next week and have been heartbroken that I might not be able to do it.  I was so messed up last week, I couldn't go to our regular rehearsal . . . this close to performance.  I walk around the house regularly without my cane, but very gingerly and staying in contact with the walls.  That right leg is still unsteady so I use my cane when I'm out and about.

Anyway, I was able to sleep in the bed most of the night, though I had to switch sides and the cramping did occasionally come back, which I imagine it will until I'm completely all straight.  I accept the possibility that it may never go completely away.  I'm hopeful that it will, but if some irreparable damage has been done and the best I can get is 99%, 99% of the time and 75%, 1% of the time, I'll consider it a blessing and be thankful.   Back at work today, driving is more comfortable, walk on the cane almost as if I don't need it, but just a couple of steps without it, I can really tell a difference, so I'm sticking with it for now, at least until I know what else is happening with the hip.  I know there's something else going on and am hoping that it can be resolved with chiro and PT, but I'll know more hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

I know I'm rambling, guys, but thanks for listening.  Anyone out there experiencing deficiencies, don't ignore it.  Be afraid, get embarrassed, get angry whatever you are feeling, feel it, then deal with the deficiency.  The folks on this board are here for you.  I'm not on the board nearly as much as I should be to be a support to others, but I am so very appreciative of those who dedicate time in their lives to staying on the boards and encouraging, guiding, supporting others no matter what's going on in your life.  You are all angels.  Thanks.  Talk to you soon.


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on 2/18/13 4:00 am - VA

I'm so glad you're getting better and the vitamins are helping. Good luck keeping the pain at bay and getting the MRIs figured out.  Please do keep us posted. (((hugs)))



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on 2/19/13 12:29 am - Atlanta, GA

Well interesting development this morning.  I went to rehearsal last night, was not able to stand much through it and may have to sit for the performance, but it was a good night all in all . . . and not remotely possible this time last week.  I was tired and my leg was beginning to throb and cramp.  Got home, applied a good layer of biofreeze, ice pack to the groin and sa****ching "Seinfeld," I think.  Dozed off so decided it was time to go to bed.  I slept until about 3:30, then my leg started cramping and I got up.  Took a Vit d and situated myself on the sofa.  Found a really good position and was actually able to sleep pretty well there the rest of the night. What I've noticed as the cramps have begun to subside is that I would still have them high up in that thigh/hip area when I would stretch my stride too much in walking and then this morning, I noticed I was able to stand a little straighter.  Couldn't completely straighten out that hip, but when I tested it, I am realizing that what I think has been feeling like something out of place keeping me from straightening may actually be bad cramping right at the key spot.  I tested my theory this morning just a little bit as I've gotten to used to the cramps feeling now that I'm seriously thinking it was some strong cramping keeping me from straightening the hip.  I'm gonna try the lying on my stomach when I get home tonight and see what happens.  It makes sense, though.  The only mystery still is the continued numbness on the inside thigh, knee and inside calf.

On the whole, I'm wondering if the cramping started deep in that joint and moved outward and the resolution is the reverse.  Only time will tell.  I'm sticking with my plan while I await my labs and will see where to go from there.


Diva Jojo:   SW:  440lbs -- CW:  274lbs  --  GW:  240lbs

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