What Magnesium Citrate Do you Take?

on 3/8/13 5:37 am - Atlanta, GA

I'm currently on a bottle I grabbed on sale, but am researching to be sure I'm getting the best absorption and result with my next bottle.  So, I'm curious to know what you take or recommend taking.  There are so many out there.  Am I looking for and "elemental" amount, etc. what?  If I'm trying to correct a magnesium deficiency (I'll have my final lab results on Tuesday for the numbers, but I'm pretty sure), are shots, etc. an option if necessary or do I just increase the number of pills (currently it's 2 pills for 500mg) that I take in a day?  Just looking for some guidance from the supplement gurus and any would be appreciated.


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on 3/8/13 5:40 am - VA

I'm taking Vitalady's capsule mag citrate. It's 500mg yielding 150mg elemental, and I take 5 a day with my calcium doses.



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on 3/8/13 5:44 am - AL

I take 500 with every calcium dose which means 5-6 times a day. 



on 3/8/13 6:34 am

I use mag powder, mixed into juice.  I get 1,000mg twice daily.  for calcium, I take 50,000 IU capsules from Ortho Molecular.  You can get a bottle of the same on eBay made by Bio-Tech.

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on 3/10/13 5:03 am
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i get them from the vitamin shoppe and amazon.com

on 3/11/13 2:43 am - Camden County, NJ
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is the vitamin I take 5 times a day with calcium.  It's not the recommended 2:1 ratio, but it's working so far for me

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on 4/17/13 4:41 pm, edited 4/17/13 4:41 pm

Mine yeild 200 mg magnesium per caplet. Vitamin Shoppe.  I'm taking 7 or 8 a day.

They are on sale during April.


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