Pre DS mobility issues

on 6/17/13 10:22 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13

I started this journey in 2009 at 450+ (MD scale only went to 440.

Now in 310 region.  I was nearly wheelchair bound,  could walk 10-15 feet with walker and needed to rest, had supplemental O2.

Now I can stand longer, walk with my cane for support, (bad hips and the pannus is NOT helping with balance or pain)  Far from running 5K, heck I would be overjoyed to walk around a grocery store, I still use the electric carts.  I read the posts and feel alone in my mobility issues.  Anyone overcoming struggles.  I need ideas or inspiration on what is ahead. It helps to choose better foods when there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When crunchy things call me I stand up and smile know I can stand and not fall/collapse under the burden of the great weight I carried ( and still do carry) I am only 5'4".  Thanks for listening.    

on 6/17/13 11:03 pm - PA

That's 140 lbs, mama!  You should be smiling!

My pep talk to myself is- I didn't get this way overnight, It's gonna take time to get healthy.

I think you're doing a fabulous job...keep up the good work!  You'll be walking laps around that grocery store before you know it!

on 6/18/13 1:55 am - bay area, CA

You have taken an enormous step forward to improve your health and mobility. And guess what - you've succeeded! Just because you aren't runnning a 5K doesn't mean you haven't improved your life.

    The day will come when you will be able to get the pannus removed, get hip replacements if you need them and be able to do the physical therapy needed for a successful result, and walk the grocery store. The day will come when you can donate your wheelchair to someone who needs it more than you. Just keep going forward.

There is a Chinese saying that the longest journey starts with a single step. You've taken that step, and then some. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.


on 6/18/13 11:08 pm

I began my journey at 476.  I'm now at about 332 (depending on what day it is, LOL).  I went from not even being able to go to the grocery store, to it being a part of my day almost every day (my new obsession), to even volunteering to go when we need something.  Hauling my fat self from the parking garage to the building at work each morning was a chore - and now, I'm never at my desk, I go out at lunch time just to get away, and don't even think twice about the walk - even if I have to park farther away.  I'm nowhere near where I need to be, but every few pounds makes it easier, and it's such a gradual change that I don't realize what has happened until a light goes off and I realize that I just actually spent an hour in Walmart without complaining, having to sit down, or being in such pain I thought I would pass out.  You are definitely not alone - and if you're anything like I was, it's embarrassing/humiliating to admit or realize you can't do the simplest things - and people think you are being lazy.  If they only knew the pain and embarrassment!!!


You are doing awesome and before you now it, you'll be doing cartwheels :)



on 6/19/13 7:37 am

Hi Lisa!  Look up Kilaani and read her story.  Also Dina Mcbride.  They started out pretty much where you are so they should be an inspiration to you.  I know Kilaani IRL and I will tell you how she did it.  She relied on shakes and thought really hard about every bite of food she ate.  I think today she is 130 or so.  Pretty much perfect.  Today she has some other problems but none of them are DS related.

The DS is the best WLS out there but even the DS has it's limits.  If you want to maximize your weight loss think hard about what you need to do.  And do it.  If they did it, so can you.  It is possible.

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