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on 7/15/13 4:10 am - Atlanta, GA

I wanted to post this here because I know there are other women who, like me, didn't have a period regularly (or at all, in my case, since around age 14****il immediately after WLS.  Mine started within a couple of weeks and has been like clockwork, with the exception of earlier this year where it skipped a couple of months.  Started back again in June and these last two have been heavier and longer - almost like it is starting over on day six.  Wondering if I'm beginning menopause earlier.  Curious to hear from anyone else who has gone through menopause and dealt with cycle differences following WLS.  Yes, I am in contact with my gyn, but would appreciate any input from those of you who have experienced this.

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on 7/15/13 9:02 am
DS on 04/17/13

The two I have had since surgery have been horrible and yes regular. Bad PMS, heavy flow and severe cramps. I have hardly had a decent period in the last four years. I guess I am paying for it now. lol.


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