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on 9/9/13 2:23 am - Atlanta, GA

Hello All;

I wanted to put this question out there, if it's okay.  Recently hospitalized (week before last) for vaginal bleeding when I was placed back on coumadin plus arixtra shots for a new clot in my Non-DVT leg.  INR spiked and I lost 1/2 my total blood volume before they could stop it.  Was given vitamin K, 6 units of blood and 2 units of FFP over 3 days and a IVC filter was put in through my neck.  I was referred to a gyn oncologist for testing already due to odd discharge my gyn has been following and he will be doing a D&C in the next 2-4 weeks, but given my family history (mom had colon cancer at age 48) they are more than a little concerned as in women, the symptoms can be very similar to menstrual abnormalities.  Having my colonoscopy for that as well, but gathering as much information as I can is how I cope and I would like to know if there are any DS'ers out there who were diagnosed after your WLS and what your experience has been.  Are there questions out of the norm I need to be prepared to ask in relation to treatment and my DS eating and supplementation?  Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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on 9/9/13 2:46 am - Irvine, CA

We are so sorry to hear all you are going through.  Please know we are sending good thoughts and please keep us posted on how you are doing  

on 9/9/13 7:21 am - VA

I'm sorry you're going through this stuff, JoJo. You might post your query on Proboards or VItalady's grads Yahoo group to see if there are folks there. I don't recall any post-op DSrs, although I do know a pre-DS person.


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Praying for you!


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I'm sorry to hear about this - may God bless you and hold you through this time.  If you should have colon cancer, I would seek out the cancer unit's "quality of life center".  They might have it under a different name, but this is typically where social workers are.  They can assess your life and financial needs and point you to the right resources within the community (more life-support oriented) and online, such as patient assistance programs.

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Hi Lisey;


Thanks for your reply.  I never got the colonoscopy because I ended up right back in the hospital a day or so later.  A full petscan showed that there was endometrial cancer which had spread to one lymph node in the right groin ( a node, ironically that I'd been feeling for a year - I had asked my gyn about it repeatedly and she said, it's just an inflamed gland and put me on antibiotics for a week, even though we were already doing regular tests and 6-month ultrasounds to monitor a discharge that had started the year earlier.  I really feel like my doctor let me down and she actually dropped me like a hot potato when the hospitalization started.  But . . . that's another story).  Fortunately, the petscan showed no evidence of cancer anywhere else, including colon so my colo-rectal doc said we can hold off on the colonoscopy until the chemo, etc. is finished.

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Sorry no advice but I'm sending you a big ((HUG)). Please keep us posted.

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on 12/27/13 2:38 am - Atlanta, GA

Hi All;

Just an update.  I actually forgot I had posted this back in September, so much has happened since then.  That was the one day I was at work following my original hospitalization, then a day later I went right back and was in almost consistently until October.  Long story short, the heavy bleeding continued and in that almost 8 week period of time I had over 16 transfusions to replace blood lost, placed back on anticoagulants, though no shots (just Coumadin).  I had the DNC on 9/16 after going right back to the hospital after being released the night before and got the cancer diagnosis the following week.  Since the cancer caused what they called "unprovoked" clots to pop up in my lungs, including a pretty large saddle embolus, before they figured out what was going on, surgery was a no-go until that was under control, so they started me on Chemo (Taxol/Carbo mixture) and even that was delayed a week because the heavy bleeding started again and I had to have radiation to stop it and 3 more transfusions to replace the loss to stabilize before chemo could be started.  It's been crazy - and I'm barely keeping up.  The diagnosis was stage 4 endometrial cancer and the Onc explained it was staged that way because it had spread to one lymph node in the groin (had the node been in the uterine cavity, it wouldn't have been considered stage 4.  Oddly, there's been no damage to my "lady parts," from the cancer and we believe it is actually because of all the bleeding - the cancer hadn't had a chance to take hold yet.  After studying my case thoroughly, the Onc said it appeared that the tumor itself was the only thing bleeding . . . because the cells were so aggressive, it was reacting very strongly to the anticoag's, especially the shots.  He is encouraged by that for two reason, it means the cells will react just as strongly to the chemo treatment and there is every expectation that a total hysterectomy, plus removal of the one node should get it all.  I realize through research, however, that once in the lymph system, it may not ever be completely gone, but I'm hopeful.

At any rate, I just had my 4th chemo treatment last week and we are looking at surgery after the 6th treatment.  That said, my church job decided to let me go as a result of my illness - after almost 13 years.  Got the news by phone call two days before Christmas . . . ain't that a kick in the head!  But, I know that God is in control and I trust He will guide me.  He has preserved me so far, even with this whole cancer issue.  I'm handling the chemo well . . . it's not fun, mind you, but I've been able to continue working and even singing some (just not the first two weeks after each treatment - doesn't work).  I'm hoping to have all of this behind me by next Christmas.  I'll keep you posted.  I've been out of pocket, so I've not heard of the proboards.  Can someone please tell me where to find it?  Thanks.


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